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Your Mind

Your well-being is about more than your physical health — it’s about your mental and emotional health too. Whether you are managing a mental health issue, need help reducing stress or simply need some extra support — we want to help you on your journey!  

  • Mental Health Resources

    Mental health refers to our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It's essential to prioritize our mental health and seek help when needed to maintain a balanced and healthy life.  

    Truths about Mental Health

    Everyone experiences challenges throughout their lives that may temporarily impact their mental health, and it’s important to realize that you’re not alone and that it’s okay to ask for help. There are many misconceptions about mental health issues that keep us from talking about our challenges openly; but it’s important to recognize the myths and understand the true facts.

    • Maintaining good mental health is an ongoing challenge that everyone faces; just as they do with their physical health.
    • Experiencing mental health challenges does not mean you are “weak”, “unstable” or “different,” and there is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed.
    • Mental health issues are common and something that almost all people face at some point in their lives.
    • Feeling stressed, overworked and overwhelmed at work or at home can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety.
    • If you are experiencing issues such as chronic stress, depression, anxiety or other challenges it’s important that you tell someone and get help from a licensed professional (doctor or therapist) — these issues are treatable, but generally do not go away on their own and should not be ignored.
    • Experiencing mental health challenges does not mean you are incapable of living a healthy, productive and happy life.

    Mental Health Programs through Your USG Healthcare Plan

    If you are enrolled in a USG healthcare plan, you have access to mental health programs and resources through your healthcare plan — Anthem or Kaiser.  

    Free Mental Health Programs and Resources  

    Not enrolled in a USG healthcare plan or looking for additional resources? There are many mental health programs and resources, and several are low-cost or free. Here are some programs and website resources to consider:

    According to Project Healthy Minds, 615 million people worldwide are living with a mental health condition; yet 60% of people don’t get the support they need.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    The USG Employee Assistance Program (EAP) — provided by Acentra Health — is a no-cost, confidential program providing resources and counseling services to help you and your loved ones build and maintain emotional well-being.  

    Program Highlights  

    The EAP offers face-to-face consultation with a local licensed provider and/or telephonic counseling with one of Acentra Health’s Masters-level clinicians. Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. All calls are answered live by professional counselors. Counseling services are available for issues that affect you, your family and your household members.

    The EAP is available to all USG employees (except students) who work at least 20 hours per week. You do not have to sign up or join to be eligible for services. It is automatically offered to you, your dependents and your household members.  

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