Who is Campus Public Safety?

Campus Police

Remember Campus Police are REAL police although you may hear law enforcement on your campus referred to as public safety, police department, or campus police department. The law enforcement personnel in each the USG’s 31 police departments certified by Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council which means they completed a rigorous 408 hour law enforcement academy training at a state certified police academy. Each department is led by a Chief who oversees the various members of the public safety department and provides direction to the campus regarding safety/ security issues. The campus police are responsible for not only enforcing federal, state, and local laws but they also must adhere to federal reporting requirements for campus based crime activity.

Emergency Dispatchers

Considered the heart of the communications division of campus public safety, emergency dispatchers are traditionally the first lines of communication when it comes to contacting public safety for help or general assistance. All dispatchers are certified by Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council and have on the job training in handling emergency telephone phones and radio communications.

Emergency Management

Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Flooding? All of these natural disasters are headed by campus emergency management personnel to assure USG institutions stay safe and secure during hectic times.

Know the Badge

Featured Campus Public Safety Department of the Quarter

Photo of Featured Campus Public Safety Department of the Quarter

Middle Georgia State University Police Department

Quick Facts: 62 employees; which includes 35 Police Officers, 12 Communications Officers, 4 Security Officers, 4 Parking Enforcement Personnel, 1 Risk Management Director, and 1 Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator.

Middle Georgia State University (MGA) is the result of a 2013 consolidation between Macon State College and Middle Georgia College. Fast forwarding to the present the university has five traditional campuses with two satellite airport campuses spread over more than 200 miles of the central Georgia region. The mascot for MGA is the “Knights”, which the police department feels is a wonderful example of a standard to use as a guide for serving and protecting the campus community. MGA’s police officers cover a lot of ground – and also a lot of sky! As the home to Georgia’s only 4-year public School of Aviation, MGA Police work through FAA regulations to secure an aviation fleet composed of 23 fixed-wing aircraft and six helicopters.

Officers assigned to traditional campuses perform customary duties as any other USG officer and can also be found serving sister institutions when needed. In the last 24 months MGA police has had the honor of assisting numerous USG Police Departments including Georgia Tech, Georgia Southwestern, Georgia Southern, and Fort Valley to name a few. In addition to the tasks normally associated with securing university campuses, MGA Police will soon be working with the Board of Regents Police to host statewide trainings at our newly-remodeled headquarters on the Macon campus. It will feature a BOR classroom that can be transformed into an emergency operations center when needed. The project is set to be complete by Fall 2018.

Get Connected

Police/Public Safety Department Phone Social Media
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 229-391-5060
Albany State University 229-430-4711 Twitter
Atlanta Metropolitan State College 404-756-4477
Augusta University 706-721-2914 Facebook Twitter Instagram
Board of Regents Safety and Security Division 404-962-3177 Twitter
Clayton State University 678-466-4050 Facebook
College of Coastal Georgia - Brunswick Campus 912-279-5820
Columbus State University 706-568-2022 Facebook Twitter
Dalton State College 706-272-4461 Facebook
East Georgia State College 478-289-2090
Fort Valley State University 478-825-6211
Georgia College and State University 478-445-4054
Georgia Gwinnett College 678-407-5333
Georgia Highlands College 706-252-4813
Georgia Institute of Technology 404-894-2500 Facebook Twitter
Georgia Southern University 912-478-5234 Facebook
Georgia Southwestern State University 229-931-2245
Georgia State University 404-413-2100
Gordon State College 678-359-5101
Kennesaw State University 770-423-6206 Facebook
Middle Georgia State University 478-471-2414 Facebook
Savannah State University 912-358-3004
South Georgia State College 912-260-4401
University of Georgia 706-542-5813 Facebook Twitter
University of North Georgia 706-864-1500
University of West Georgia 678-839-6000 Facebook Twitter
Valdosta State University 229-333-7816

Know Your Campus and the Law

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

This federal legislation was originally signed into law in 1990 and was known at the time as the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act. Throughout the years the law has undergone several amendments to include a renaming. However, the purpose behind the legislation has remained constant: to require colleges and universities across the United States to publicly disclose information about crime on their campuses and in the surrounding areas. The United States Department of Education requires institutions to publish an Annual Campus Security Report on October 1st each year. The Annual Campus Security Report provides crime statistics up to three years prior in specific campus crime related categories. For further information on the history of The Clery Act and the type of information campuses must disclose, visit The Clery Center for Security on Campus

Violence Against Women Act

In 1994, the United States Congress enacted the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a comprehensive legislative package focused on violence against women. VAWA recognized the devastating consequences that violence has on women, families, and society as a whole. VAWA also acknowledged that violence against women requires specialized responses to address unique barriers that prevent victims from seeking assistance from the justice system. The U.S. Congress reauthorized VAWA in 2000, 2005, and 2013 in order to continue the movement in preventing and responding to violent acts against women.

Think About It

What All USG Students Should Know

icon of car

Register Your Car

At some of the University System of Georgia institutions you are required you to register your car in order to park on campus as a commuter or a resident student. Be sure to check with your public safety department for updated car registration information so you can avoid costly parking tickets.

icon of bike

Register Your Bicycle

Biking to and from class? Your public safety department may require you to register your bicycle in order to ride or rack it on campus.

icon of purse

Always Secure Your Belongings

Always remove valuable items from plain view in a vehicle and lock the vehicle upon exiting. Invest in a bicycle lock to secure your bicycle to designated bike racks. Lock your dorm room upon exiting and never give your dorm room code or key to anyone else. You love your computer and cell phone? So do thieves! Record the serial numbers on your computers, IPads, and other valuables and take photos of each item. In addition, turn on tracking on your cell phones and computers so you can locate them quickly if they are lost or missing.

icon of shoe

Know Your Surroundings

Beaware of where you are and who is around you. Never let anyone you’re unfamiliar with into your residence hall or dorm room. Going to an off campus event? Make sure to tell friends of your plans or bring them with you. The buddy system is always better than venturing alone. Getting out of class late or late evening study session at the campus library? Feel free to contact your public safety department for an escort to your vehicle or to your dorm if you feel uncomfortable.

icon of sunglasses

Report Suspicious Activity

As a member of the campus community take an active part in keeping your campus safe. Report any suspicious activity promptly to your campus police department.

Off to College Checklist

What you should do to be safe and secure before going off to college.

  • Record Serial Numbers on Valuables
  • Enter Campus Police # on your cell phone.
  • Locate your dorm on a map and check out what other buildings are around it. If you are a commuter student, locate your commuter parking lot and the safest ways to each of your classes.
  • Give your parent/ guardian/ other member of your family a copy of your class schedule.
  • If you’re new to living on campus, reach out to your roommate and get acquainted prior to move-in day. Feeling safe in the dorm starts with being friendly with the person you live with.
  • If you’re living on campus, check with Residence Life to assure that you are not packing items that are not allowed in university housing (i.e. candles, pets, etc).
  • If you plan to have a car on campus always carry a spare key in your wallet. No one wants to pay for a lockout service!

You've Arrived on Campus - Now What?

A few friendly reminders to keep yourself safe while away at college.

  • Never share your dorm room code or key with anyone other than your roommate.
  • If you have a car on campus, move all valuables out of sight or take them with you.
  • Don’t text and walk. Texting while walking is a leading cause of injuries on campus. Also it’s a way to be distracted and not realize what could be happening around you.
  • Always remember you can go to Campus Public Safety if you need to report a crime or have a question about anything on campus. They are always around to help!

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