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Georgia Library Learning Online

You've heard about GALILEO, been told that it's a 'virtual library' for Georgia.

GALILEO is a doorway to a wealth of information. Through it you can potentially access over 150 databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals.

This unit walks you through GALILEO. What it is, what's in it, how to navigate it and how to search it to find what you need.


  1. What is GALILEO?
    A doorway to an information-rich world

  2. Accessing GALILEO
    Where to find it on the web from school or home

  3. The Databases
    Where the good stuff is...

  4. Getting Around in GALILEO
    1. The Interface Design
    2. A Tour of the Home Page
    3. The Search Categories
    4. Working with the Search Categories
    5. Research Project: Example 1
    6. Research Project: Example 2
    7. Databases A-Z
    8. Journals A-Z
    9. Some Comments about the Examples

  5. How to Begin Your Search
    Your first decision when starting your GALILEO search

  6. All Topics Indexes
    A definition

  1. Subject Specific Categories
    A definition

  2. An Example
    Why specific over general?

  3. Searching a Database
    General step-by-step instructions

  4. What a Citation Contains
    A visual display

  5. So, I've got my citation, now what?
    How to find the journal using Journals A-Z in GALILEO and GOLD

  6. Popular vs. Scholarly
    Distinguishing popular and scholarly articles in a General Index

  7. Saving Your Work

  8. Getting Your Password

  9. Who was Galileo?
    Just in case you're curious

  10. Exercise: GALILEO for Your Research