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Accessing GALILEO

GALILEO is accessible via the world wide web from the following URL (link will open in a pop-up window):


It's on the web, but you aren't accessing the databases for free. They are purchased for your use by the University System of Georgia. Your GALILEO password is your key to opening the door.

The databases that are available in GALILEO vary depending on whether you are in a public academic library, a private academic library, or a public library. If you're enrolled in a course at a University System of Georgia school you can access GALILEO from home with your password. You can access a smaller number of databases using a password provided by your public library.

To obtain information on the password, which is required when accessing GALILEO from a remote site (by telephone and modem or non-public library network) or when you are using GALILEO in a library other than your home intsitutiton and you want to access the databases available to your home institution, see the GALILEO FAQ "How do I get a password?"

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