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Reviews of the Book

30 Years

October 2000-January 2001

Reviews of the book are published first in a few newspapers and popular magazines.

The Price of Divorce
Wallerstein's not to condemn divorce. It's to remind us that it takes a toll on children that adults may not want to acknowledge.

Talbot, M. (2000, October 1). The New York Times Book Review, p. 10-11.

Marriage matters
Reviewing these books cannot be separated from reviewing a culture that has made what my parents thought was common sense into grounds for contention.

Wilson, J.Q. (2000, October 9). National Review, 49-52.

Newspaper and Magazine Book Review Characteristics
AUDIENCE: General public
AUTHOR: Professional journalists or freelance reviewers
TIMELINESS: Appears soon after the book's publication
CONTENT: Very short or mixed with related reporting and interviews. Sometimes displays the political bias of the periodical.
Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals Characteristics
AUDIENCE: Professors, researchers, and students
AUTHOR: Professors , researchers, or scholars
TIMELINESS: Appears six months or more after the book's publication
CONTENT: Focuses on the research methodology, use of theory, and comparative studies.

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