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Scholarly Journals

Journal cover for 'Child & Adolescent Psychiatry'

Four Years Later


Wallerstein and Kelly expand their conference paper and submit it to a scholarly journal for publication.

Wallerstein, J. (1975). The effects of parental divorce: Experiences of the preschool child. Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry 14, 600-616.

Image source (link will open in a new window) Journal of the American Academy Child and Adolescent Psychology

Scholarly Journal Characteristics
AUDIENCE: Students, professors, or researchers; assumes a level of specialized knowledge of the academic field.
AUTHOR: Professors, researchers or scholars in the field
SELECTION PROCESS: Undergoes a peer review (or referee) process before publication. The editor sends the manuscript to at least two other scholars with expertise in that area. These "peers" review the manuscript and either accept the article, make suggestions for revisions, or reject the article
TIMELINESS: Takes a year or more from submission to publication.
CONTENT: Focus on a specific research question; backs up information with footnotes and/or reference lists citing earlier research; may include graphs and tables, but few pictures.

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