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The Work Continues to Develop

Six Years Onward


Wallerstein continues to work with other researchers to observe the children in her study, present papers at conferences, and publish scholarly articles and book chapters that focus on different areas of their research findings.

Wallerstein, J.S., and Kelly, J.B. (1980). Effects of divorce on the visiting father-child relationship. American Journal of Psychiatry 137, 1534-1539.

Some articles are considered important enough to be reprinted in books or annual reviews of the best articles. This article was reprinted a year later in Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development.

McKinnon, R., and Wallerstein, J.S. (1986). Joint custody and the preschool child. Behavioral Sciences & the Law 4, 169-193.

Wallerstein, J.S., and Corbin, S.B. (1989). Daughters of divorce: Report from a ten-year follow-up. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 59, 593-604.

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