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Literature Review

20 Years Later

May 1991

Wallerstein publishes a literature review article in a scholarly journal.

Wallerstein, J.S. (1991). The long-term effects of divorce on children: A review. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 30, 349-360.

Literature Review Characteristics
AUDIENCE: General public
AUTHOR: Professor, scholar, or researcher in the field.
SELECTION PROCESS: Undergoes a peer review just like any other scholarly journal article.
TIMELINESS: May not include very recent research from the last six months to a year.
CONTENT: Summarizes existing research on a topic, referring to important studies on the topic and areas of consensus or conflict; points out areas where more research needs to be done; and includes lengthy lists of references.

November 1991

Another psychiatrist, Gerald H. Zuk, writes a letter to the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry praising Wallerstein's research, but questioning some of her methodology:

"...there is a question whether divorce creates problems to the degree she has asserted and of the type she has asserted" (Zuk 1022).

The journal editors give her a chance to respond:

"The children in my own research were all functioning adequately or well within the predivorce family. Yet, this clinical picture changed markedly at the separation" (Wallerstein 1023).

Both letters are published in the November 1991 issue of the journal.

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