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Welcome to The Information Age

How do you know where to look for what?

This unit will help direct you through the process of how information is produced and the steps to finding what’s relevant to your needs.

In the 21st century, what is the most important skill you will gain from your education?

One high-tech executive believes that, for him, it is “the ability to do research, to further educate myself in any subject, to analyze information and make my own conclusions” (EarthLink founder Sky Dayton. Karnovsky, Susan D. “Sky Dayton: Learning By Doing.” Converge Magazine, December 2000).

The “information explosion” guarantees that

  1. You will never learn everything you need to know in college;
  2. You can never remember all you learned in college; and,
  3. Your success will depend upon your expertise at gathering, evaluating, and understanding new information.


  1. Do you know what you’re looking for?
    You know how to do research, right?

  2. The Flow of Information and how it affects the availability of resources. Follow the information as it flows from a sample event in each of the following subject areas:

    1. News & Historical Events
    2. Arts & Humanities
    3. Sciences
    4. Social Sciences
    5. Business

  3. What is research?
    It’s an entire process

  4. Steps in the Research Process
    A ten step list

  5. Exercise: Finding the Best Sources
    Identifying types of information resources.