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What All Libraries Have

A primer on the physical library and how you find things in it

Each library is different, of course. But libraries do offer similar services and organize materials in similar ways.

This section will cover what you can expect to find when you step into a library. Library Web pages are often set up to mimic the departments you'll find in a library building, so this information will also help you navigate a virtual library.


  1. A Library Tour
    Meet Tim! See the map of the library where he's researching

  2. What is a Library?
    The difference between library types — public, academic and special

  3. Just Inside the Door
    Circulation / Reserves and the Reference Room

  4. The Library of Congress Classification System
    How to read call numbers in an academic library

  5. The Dewey Decimal System
    How to read call numbers in a public library

  6. Finding Periodicals
    Magazines, Journals and Newspapers

  7. Other Forms of Information Storage
    Microfiche and microfilm

  1. GIL (Georgia Interconnected Libraries)

  2. Interlibrary Loan Office
    How libraries share resources

  3. Government Documents
    The government sure has a lot to say

  4. Media Center
    Videotapes, CDs, old audio recordings and more...

  5. Special Collections
    Rare books and manuscripts

  6. Library Instruction
    Face-to-face instruction in library services and research

  7. Circulation
    Check out and renew library materials

  8. Exercise: What Your Library Has
    Go on a trip to your library — learn all about it.