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Finding Periodicals

Magazines, Journals and Newspapers

In your library, you'll find newspapers from around the world, popular and academic magazines, and journals of all description.

TIM'S TOUR: After finding his books, Tim goes back to the reference desk where the librarian helps him use an index to find articles on his topic. Some of the newer articles are available online or in the Current Periodicals section, but the older ones are bound or on microfilm/microfiche.

Periodicals may be kept in one section or several different sections depending on the size of the collection. Most libraries have a Current Periodicals area where they keep the newest issues of some of the periodicals they have (how far back depends on the library — it can be anywhere from the past week to the past year).

The online catalog will give a location for the older periodicals. Once taken out of Current Periodicals, magazines and journals are bound into books or put on microfilm or microfiche. Older newspapers, because of their large size and cheap paper, are microfilmed. A library staff person will help you use the microfilm/microfiche readers and make photocopies from them.

Since periodicals usually can't be checked out, you'll find copy machines in the library. Ask your library about getting a debit copy card so that you don't have to carry around a fortune in change.

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