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Business Information Flow

Timeline Where it's reported How to find that information
First few days
  • Business Press
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Internet News Services
GALILEO and print business periodical and newspaper indexes; GALILEO TV and radio news indexes;
Web Search Tools
Two weeks
  • Stock prices
Newspapers, the Web, reference books
One month
  • Newspaper and magazines
GALILEO Magazine and Newspaper Indexes
Two months
  • SEC Filings
GALILEO LexisNexis database; SEC EDGAR web site
Two-Four months
  • Government Hearings
GALILEO Government Databases; government web sites
Two years
  • Popular Books
GIL Library Catalog
Seven years
  • Scholarly Articles
GALILEO Journal Indexes
Eleven years
  • Scholarly Books
GIL Library Catalog


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Adapted from (link will open in a new window) UCLA College Library (accessed April 4, 2001) which was adapted from Sharon Hogan's original  Flow of Information  conceptual approach to library instruction 1980 by Diane Zwemer, Instructional Services Coordinator, UCLA College Library.

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