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A Bidding War

Two weeks later

Mid-October 1988

Competing outside interests set off a bidding war for the company. RJR Nabisco's stock price in mid-October is $56 a share. By the end of November, companies are bidding more than $100 a share. In the end, Wall Street firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts takes over RJR Nabisco by paying a price well above the actual worth of the company.

Where are stock prices found?

Pre-web, 1988: A daily newspaper like the Wall Street Journal

Today: A daily newspaper, or at web sites for companies or stock quotes

For historical searches: a reference set like the Daily Stock Price Record, which compiles all closing share prices for the last 40 years.

Examples of types of business reference books:

INVESTMENT RESEARCH: financial information on stocks, bonds, corporations, and industries, updated weekly, monthly, or quarterly (Daily Stock Price Record, Value Line, Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys)

The following reference books are not as timely as investment research tools and their information may be a year or more behind.

DIRECTORIES: books listing companies, stores, or trademarks (Dun's Million Dollar Disc, Hoover's handbooks)

STATISTICAL SOURCES: collections of economic data and demographic information (International Financial Statistics, Statistical Abstract of the United States)

ENCYCLOPEDIAS AND DICTIONARIES: company histories, biographies, definitions (International Company Histories, Contemporary American Business Leaders, Real Estate Dictionary)

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