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Research Sciences Information Flow

Timeline Where it's reported How to find that information
Research begins
  • Informal communication (letters or e-mails, oral histories, autobiographies)
  • Laboratory, university, or funding agency's records and (if any) publications
Library special collections for letters; GIL Library catalog for autobiographies

Agency special collections for records, brochures, and annual reports; government documents

Two years
  • Article announcing findings in general scientific journal
GALILEO and print journal articles
Two years
  • Conference paper
GALILEO and print conference proceedings indexes
Two years
  • Newspaper article
GALILEO and print newspaper indexes
Three years
  • Scholarly article in specialized scientific journal
GALILEO and print journal indexes
Six years +
  • Textbook
GIL Library catalog
Eleven years
  • Popular magazine article
GALILEO and magazine indexes
Eighteen years
  • Popular book
GIL Library Catalog
Fifty years, forward
  • Announcement of another major research finding
Web sites; GALILEO and print indexes to TV/radio transcripts, newspapers, magazines, journals, conference proceedings, and government documents


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