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What Every Schoolkid Learns

Six Years Later


By 1957, the "Watson-Crick" model is covered by scientific textbooks and taught in schools and universities. Textbooks are where the accumulated knowledge of science can be found.

Snyder, L.H. (1957). The Principles of Heredity. 5th ed. Boston: D.C. Heath.

Watson and Crick's first Nature article is also reprinted in the student anthology Classic Papers in Genetics. The book's editor calls it "the initial report of one of the outstanding achievements of modern genetics."

Peters, J.A. (Ed.). (1959). Classic Papers in Genetics. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall.

Textbook Characteristics
AUDIENCE: Students
AUTHOR: Professors or research scientists
SELECTION PROCESS: Editors at textbook companies select the authors
TIMELINESS: The publication process takes a year or more, so the book will not include very recent discoveries
CONTENT: Clear explanations of scientific knowledge, with graphs, photos, and other pictures as needed to communicate the information.

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