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The Big Prize

Eleven Years Later


Crick, Watson, and Wilkins win the Nobel Prize for medicine for uncovering the structure of DNA. The prize brings mainstream attention to their research, landing them on the front page of the New York Times and in the pages of popular magazines:

Cell's Prize Secret
It was a long, twisted ladderlike shape called a double helix

(1962, November 2). Life, 63-64.

Nucleic Nobelmen
Crick and Watson did their work in a shabby shack sandwiched between the imposing academic buildings of Cambridge.

(1962, October 26). Time, 46-47.

Popular Magazine Characteristics
AUDIENCE: General public
AUTHOR: Journalists who may have a science specialty
TIMELINESS: Usually several days to a week behind events
CONTENT: Summarizes the research in terms that can be understood by someone without a science background. May emphasize different parts of the story than a scientific journal would (such as talking about the scientists' personal lives or the building they work in). Does not publish any new research and does not give footnotes or references for the information.

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