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Scholarly Journal

First page of 'Public Administration Quarterly' article 'Confronting the (f)laws of the pyramid: Challenger's Legacy for Leadership and Organizational Development.'

Six Months Later...

... until today

Scholarly journal articles publish research on the causes of the Challenger explosion.

Public Administration Quarterly 21 (3): 258 - 293

Scholarly Journal Characteristics
AUDIENCE: Not meant for general public. Assumes a level of specialized knowledge in the field.
AUTHOR: Professor, scholar, or researcher who specializes in this field
TIMELINESS: Usually published at least a year after the event, often several years later.
CONTENT: Articles in scholarly journals tend to focus on more narrow topics than popular magazine articles. Contain the most current in-depth information on research that's been done. Few to no pictures. Information is backed up by footnotes to earlier research and always includes bibliographies.

Scholarly journals are secondary sources since the writers have used their expertise to:

Research on the Challenger disaster has been published in journals from such diverse fields as engineering, psychology, education, business, and (the article shown) public administration.

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