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Information Digest 2005-2006


Cover (PDF 720k)
Front and back cover of digest

Introduction (PDF 1.1mb)
Letter to Stakeholders, Preface and Acknowledgements, Table of Contents

General Information (PDF 1.8mb)
Vision, Missions and Goals Statement, Institutional Characteristics, Institution Location, Board of Regents, Regents' System Office Staff, Organizational Chart

Students (PDF 4.3mb)
Student Enrollment Demographics, First-Year Retention Rates, Baccalaureate Graduation Rates, Associate Degree Graduation Plus Transfer Rates

Academic (PDF 6.5mb)
Semester Credit Hours, Degrees Conferred, First-Time Freshmen with HOPE Scholarship, Enrollment in Study Abroad Programs, International Education, Learning Support Requirements, College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC), System Calendar, SAT Scores, Regents' Skills Requirements, Library Additions and Holdings, Academic Policies and Programs, Admission Standards, Electronic Sources of Information

Faculty (PDF 2.8mb)
Faculty Demographics, Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Instructors, and Other Instructional Personnel, Average Faculty Salaries, Full-Time Employees

Financial (PDF 2.5mb)
Budget Summary, Amended Budget, Current Operations and Capital Outlay, Educational and General Funds, State of Georgia Appropriations, Funding Formula, Student Tuition, Mandatory Fees

Facilities (PDF 2.4mb)
Appropriations, Projects Completed, Number of Buildings, Value, and Age, Inventory of Area, Classrooms and Laboratories, Major Repair and Rehabilitation Allocations, Student Housing

Research (PDF 1.9mb)
Research Programs, Contracts and Grants, Research Grants by Funding Source

Continuing Education and Public Service (PDF 1mb)
Continuing Education, C.E.U. Activities, Public Service and Economic Development

Historical Highlights / Publications (PDF 3.4mb)
University System of Georgia Brief History, Membership of Board of Regents, Chancellors and Officers of the Board, Institution Historical Sketches, Recent Publications

Complete Information Digest 2005-2006 (PDF 29mb)

Office of Strategic Research and Analysis
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
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