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Yearly Checkup

Yearly Checkup

Checkups, or preventive exams, give you and your doctor a snapshot of your health. They also give you a chance to talk to your doctor about any problems or questions you have.

What to expect

Most checkups start with a talk about your health history and any problems. After that, most doctors will talk to you about things like:

Preventive or diagnostic care?

It’s important to know the difference. For example, your doctor might want you to get a colonoscopy (a test that checks your colon). If it’s because of your age, or because your family has a history of colon problems, it’s preventive care. But if it’s because you’re having pain or other symptoms of a problem, it’s diagnostic care.

Get more from your exam

It will help both you and your doctor if you make some notes about your health ahead of time. Before your visit, write down:

Helpful resources

Visit to find out the preventive care guidelines for your age and gender.