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A system-wide well-being initiative

Well-Being Restored

Well-Being Restored

The University System of Georgia in partnership with ESPYR presents “Well-Being Restored” 2018 webinar calendar. The monthly webinars will help participants achieve complete well-being inside and outside of the work place.

Attend one or more of these informational workshops online.

Enter the password: USGcares and click the box that says webinars.

Date Time Topic Vendor Location
February 01, 2018 12PM Eat Your Way to Better Health ESPYR Webinar
March 01, 2018 12PM Work Place Differences ESPYR Webinar
April 01, 2018 12PM The Thriving Family ESPYR Webinar
May 01, 2018 12PM Painless Estate Planning ESPYR Webinar
June 01, 2018 12PM Minimizing Worry to Maximize Your Life ESPYR Webinar
July 01, 2018 12PM Harnessing the Power of Social Media ESPYR Webinar
August 01, 2018 12PM Managing Negative People ESPYR Webinar
September 01, 2018 12PM Legal and Financial Aspects of Elder Care ESPYR Webinar
October 01, 2018 12PM Investing 101 ESPYR Webinar
November 01, 2018 12PM Five Generations in One Work Place ESPYR Webinar
December 01, 2018 12PM Mindfulness in the Work Place ESPYR Webinar