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A system-wide well-being initiative

USG Well-being: Frequently Asked Questions

USG Well-being: Frequently Asked Questions

What is USG Well-being?

USG Well-being is an annual program which is free, voluntary, and confidential. The well-being credit is to encourage employees and spouses covered on a USG healthcare plan to participate in health and well-being programs.

How do I participate in USG Well-being?

For employees and spouses covered by a USG healthcare plan:

What is the well-being credit?

The credit is a monetary reward for completing select healthy activities. Employees and spouses covered by a USG healthcare plan can earn up to a $100 well-being credit by completing these activities by Sept. 30. It is considered taxable income and will be applied to your last paycheck in November 2019.

What is the purpose of this program?

The University System of Georgia’s vision is to create a culture and environment of well-being throughout the USG community that includes staff, faculty, and students. Our mission is to create supportive working environments and increase opportunities for employees to adopt behaviors that will assist them to lead happier and healthier lives as well as aid in reducing personal and healthcare costs.

With that in mind, we are promoting a well-being program that encourages and supports all aspects of well-being such as physical, health, financial, nutrition, stress, sleep, social, community involvement and more. We developed a systemwide well-being program using evidence-based research and data to support and educate on positive behavior change. To encourage participation in the well-being program we are offering a well-being credit for those that are eligible and choose to participate. We will continue to review and refine the well-being program each year based on the feedback we receive from employees as well as data and analytics that highlight our successes and opportunities.

Who is RedBrick Health?

This year, we have partnered with RedBrick Health, a HIPPA-compliant, premier provider of health and well-being services. RedBrick offers expanded programs and services to assist employees and spouses covered on a USG healthcare plan on their path to well-being.

How does RedBrick protect the privacy of my health information?

No one at the USG, your healthcare provider or health insurance carrier will have access to your specific health information unless you volunteer to share it.

RedBrick systems are designed to provide the highest level of protection possible for your health data. You can be confident that your personal health information is safe, secure, and private, so you can participate in USG Well-being programs freely and without worry. You can read and acknowledge the privacy policy when you activate your account. USG conducted reviews of RedBrick Health’s systems and processes and determined that they met our security and privacy standards. Read RedBrick’s privacy policy at

Does RedBrick Health share information with other third parties?

RedBrick Health shares only the information needed to provide services. The information shared is NOT personal health information. RedBrick does not share any information with health insurance carriers, workers compensation or healthcare providers.

How does the USG use information from the health assessment?

The information is used to provide you with a customized experience with personalized recommendations. Beyond that, RedBrick Health provides a de-identified aggregate report of the number and percent of participants who report healthy/unhealthy eating habits, physical activity levels, etc. The information is used for the planning and development of programs to promote and support employee well-being. Your personal information is confidential and never shared.

Will my personal information be shared?

No, the information you provide to RedBrick Health will be considered confidential and will only be available to you and the RedBrick Health program professionals. USG will receive participation reports for the administration of payroll and billing processes. RedBrick Health cannot sell or otherwise divulge any participant information to any unauthorized party.

Can I still participate in well-being activities if I waive the USG Healthcare plans?

Yes, if you waive USG’s healthcare plans, you can still participate in your campus community onsite wellbeing programs and USG webinars. However, you are not eligible to use the USG Well-being Portal or participate in challenges, and you are not eligible for the well-being credit.

Why is the University System of Georgia offering the USG well-being credit?

The USG well-being credit helps eligible participants learn about health and then take steps to improve or maintain it. The USG is committed to a culture and environment of well-being by creating a comprehensive approach to achieving well-being that engages and empowers the entire USG community.

Who can receive the USG well-being credit?

Full-time Active Employees and spouses covered by a USG healthcare plan can participate to receive the USG Well-being credit.

Retirees and their spouses and other qualified adults, dependents, and temporary staff are not eligible for the USG well-being credit. To see if you are eligible, please call our partner RedBrick Health at 833-724-4874. USG has partnered with RedBrick Health for well-being services.

Please note: If at any time the eligible employee’s benefit status changes (leave of absence, appointment change, etc.), the employee’s eligibility to participate, and/or receive reimbursements may also change.

How do I earn the USG well-being credit?

Employees and spouses covered by a USG healthcare plan can each earn up to a $100 well-being credit for participating in approved healthy activities between January 1 and September 30, 2019. The healthy activities are designed to help you learn more about your current health status and take steps toward being the healthiest you. Some examples include:)

What is the deadline to complete an activity in 2019?

All eligible activities must be completed by Sunday, Sept. 30, 2019. To ensure you receive your incentive, please visit the USG Well-being Portal before then to make sure your completed activity(ies) are updated and reflected as complete. For assistance, please contact USG Well-being at or call our partner RedBrick Health 833-724-4874.

What if I earn the full well-being credit prior to the deadline of Sept. 30, 2019?

You may continue to participate in well-being programs year-round. However, the incentive period is January 1 to Sept. 30, 2019.

Is the well-being credit considered taxable income?

Yes, you will notice an adjustment to accommodate for tax withholding.

When will I receive the USG well-being credit for participation?

Any USG well-being credit, up to $100, will be applied to your last paycheck in November 2019. To confirm you received the well-being credit on that paycheck, log in to “OneUSG Connect” and review your paycheck. Look for “USG well-being credit” located in the “After Tax Deduction” panel. Don’t see your credit? Contact us at

Can I earn part of the well-being credit or is it all or nothing?

You will “keep what you earn.” For example, if you only complete one activity worth a $25 well-being credit, you will receive $25.

Is this program mandatory?

No. This program is provided as an additional benefit, but you do not need to participate.

How is my information protected?

Your information is protected by strict privacy and security standards and your personal information will not be shared except for aggregate data.

How does USG Well-being know I am participating in an eligible activity?

Some credit-eligible activities require you to track your own activity and then complete an online form. Other programs will monitor whether you completed the program and reflect that completion after the program has concluded. Each activity is different. Please review the USG Well-being Portal for all of the details or contact USG Well-being. Please note USG well-being credit 2019 ends on Sept. 30, 2019. To ensure you receive your incentive, please visit the USG Well-being Portal before then to make sure your completed activity(ies) are updated and reflected as complete.

If you have questions about your specific activity, or to access the online forms, please go to the USG Wellbeing Portal and look for your specific activity under the “USG well-being credit” tab. If you have additional questions, please contact USG Well-being.

Do I need to be a current employee to earn the well-being credit?

Yes. If you are not employed by USG during the pay period the credit is paid, you will forfeit anything you earned.

How can I tell if I completed an activity?

To see if you completed an eligible activity, log in to the USG Well-being Portal and click on the USG well-being credit tab to see if your activity is marked as complete.

Can I do more than one activity at a time?

Yes, you can participate in as many eligible activities as you like at the same time.

Can I complete the same activity more than one time and still earn points?

No, you can only earn points the first time you complete an activity. For example, once you get credit for participating in a community event, you can no longer receive the credit again.

I am working on a health behavior using an activity of my own. Does this qualify?

Yes, if you are working on a health behavior on your own, you can participate in the Digital Coaching Program, which allows you to receive points for an activity you are doing. To learn more, log in to the USG Well-being Portal, select the “USG well-being credit” tab. Move down this page to find activities available.

Do I need to have my cholesterol and blood pressure measurements for the USG Well-being 2019 program?

No, in 2019, USG Well-being does not require biometric values like blood pressure or cholesterol.

How do I access the online 2019 health questionnaire?

To access the health questionnaire, please log in to the USG Well-being Portal and select the Take Health Assessment button. You can also download the RedBrick Health mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Our company code is: USG.

Is my information confidential and protected?

Yes, information provided within the USG Well-being program is treated as confidential. To protect your privacy, the University System of Georgia has contracted with RedBrick Health, a national provider of health improvement services, to administer online programs, resources and the health questionnaire. Your personally identifiable health data will not be shared with your manager, nor will it be added to any USG employee files. In addition, your information will not affect insurance coverage or benefits nor will they be disclosed to your insurance company.

USG is in compliance with HIPAA and all other state and federal regulatory agencies. USG partners with RedBrick Health to ensure confidentiality and compliance regarding protection of your personal health information. All information you provide is confidential. Only you and your Health Advisor/Coach have access to your personal health information.

How and when will I receive my rewards and reimbursements?

The $100 USG well-being credit payment for completing healthy activities will be paid after taxes and will occur within your last monthly or biweekly November paycheck.

The USG well-being credit will be applied to your last paycheck in November. To confirm you are receiving the USG well-being credit, log in to OneUSG Connect and review your paycheck. Look for “USG well-being credit” located in the “After Tax Deduction” panel. Don’t see your reward? Contact us at

Where can I see my USG well-being credit payment?

To see your USG well-being credit payment, please log into OneUSG Connect to view your paycheck. Click on your most current paycheck and look for additional line items under the “Hours and Earnings” section entitled: “USG well-being credit” – Indicates your amount up to a maximum of $100 payment. If the payment shows up in the “YTD” (year to date) column, then these payments have already been processed on a previous paycheck. If it is in the “Current” column, then your payment has occurred on the paycheck you are viewing.

For additional assistance, please contact OneUSG Connect Support at 877-251-2644 or by email at Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays.

What are the preferred browsers for the USG Well-being Portal?

Preferred browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

As it relates to Internet Explorer and Microsoft Operating System, USG Well-being supports the latest
browser available on operating systems supported by Microsoft, which includes the following:

Having trouble accessing the site?

Forgot username/password (spouses)? Follow instructions on the login screen to retrieve your information or call our partner RedBrick Health at 833-724-4874. USG has partnered with RedBrick Health for wellbeing services.

My spouse and I are both employees of USG. Who will receive the payment?

Whichever spouse is the primary policyholder will receive the payment for any credit earned by themselves or their spouse.

How do I enroll?

Employees do not need to take any additional steps – you’re already enrolled (but remember, this program is completely optional). Covered spouses will need to activate their account.

How do I access the site?

Get started at If you haven’t already, click Activate Your Account To Get Started and create a unique username and password (this will be different from your USG login information).

What other USG Well-being resources are available

Several additional resources are available, including KEPRO (Employee Assistance Program), Financial Coaching through VALIC, Fidelity and TIAA; CVS Minute Clinic; and LiveHealth Online. Check out OneUSG Connect for all details.

If my spouse and I participate in financial coaching together, do we both get rewarded?

The calls or visits must be completed separately.

Who should I call if I have further questions?

Call our partner RedBrick Health at 833-724-4874. USG has partnered with RedBrick Health for well-being services. The hours are as follows:

What counts as a “community event”?

Any activity where you feel you donate your time and give back to your community counts. Examples include: Volunteering, participating in events like a community 5K run/walk (whether you are participating or volunteering) or other events, donating blood, helping out a local homeless shelter, volunteering at a church or religious institution of your choosing, participating in a neighborhood night out or packing food at a food shelf. Note that the activity does not need to be physically demanding.