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Managing Blood Pressure

Managing Blood Pressure

If you’re part of the nearly two-thirds of American adults at risk for or living with high blood pressure,* it’s important that you understand what your numbers mean and learn how to manage them. There are some surprisingly simple ways to manage–and even prevent–high blood pressure.

Check out digital coaching options that focus on diet, stress and blood pressure. Options include DASH Your Way Healthier, More Veggies In No time or 10 Minutes a Day to Stress Less.

Work with a wellness coach.

You can earn up to a $100 well-being credit for participating.

Stop guessing, and get real answers. Get started at

For questions regarding the program, email or call our partner RedBrick Health 833-724-4874.

*Source: Centers for Disease Control,

USG Well-being has partnered with RedBrick Health to provide these services. RedBrick is a premier provider of health and well-being services. It offers expanded programs and services to assist employees and spouses covered on a USG healthcare plan on their path to well-being. The USG Well-being program is completely voluntary and confidential. Have a question about your privacy or other details of the program? Find answers in the FAQ, which is available at You can also read RedBrick’s privacy policy at