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Summer 2017 HealthTrails Success Stories

Summer 2017 HealthTrails Success Stories

It has energized me and made me want to continue to work towards healthy goals.

At 66 years old, I thought my competitive spirit and ability to accomplish physical goals was history. I astonished my self and others around me. Now I feel more capable, more confident, more energetic, and very grateful to Health Trails.

I really enjoy this and honestly, better than the Active for Life. Because of the ease and that it was tied to my tracker, it motivated me to walk more than I normally do and I do feel better than I started. On days when I didn’t do as well, I could tell the difference. Thanks for offering this.

the accountability of the program encouraged me not just to walk and exercise but to also be mindful of how i eat and spend my time. I lost about 20 lbs during the challenge!

I have lost almost 20 pounds since the start of this second challenge. I am more motivated to walk or ride my bike now. I just wish that this summer was not so rainy so I could have done more outdoors instead of using my treadmill and stationary bike so much.

I am physically active on my own; however, the Health Trails challenge added a new level of incentive/inspiration and, even though it wasn’t my original goal, I ended up reducing my weight by 6 lbs. during the challenge, which was an added perk!

In following this program, I lost 17 pounds. I reduced from a size 10 to a 6.

I share the HealthTrails tip to my sisters, children and husband everyday through email. I even send the tip question, too. This helps me to read the tip carefully.

Great fun competing with my co-workers and other teams in the program. I hope that another program will follow in the fall. This program provoked me to get away from my desk at lunch and get in some extra steps or classes that were available.

I discovered being tired all the time not okay. I went to doctor who discovered a thyroid problem. Moving helps, but awareness (due to health trails) helped me even more.

Walking/exercising, watching your nutrition and performing acts of kindness are forms of self-compassion. All three areas are good for one’s heart and soul. Thanks to Health Trails for supporting our journeys.

Really enjoyed being on a team where we could encourage each other to walk more!

It mad me alot less stressed out & better person!


Since January, I"ve lost 30 pounds and I am now on a regular walking routine!

I met my goals, primarily because of the conversion chart. This was very helpful—and encouraging.

Prior to HealthTrails I always thought I was just going to remain overweight and just needed to accept it. Since doing the challenge I have lost close to 15 lbs, I feel more motivated, and have more energy. I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I won’t give up trying to reach my goals.

Before participating in this program I had become very sedentary and stuck to my desk. The program got me up and motivated to begin moving and trying to do more each day. While I am not where I want to be I am so much closer to getting there.

Down -9lbs!

I’ve increased my movement thanks to the fun of the trails and then the self-satisfaction of doing more than I thought I could.

i did improve my walking

I sleep better during this time period then before I am going to keep moving more before I got to bed eafh

Not only is participating in HealthTrails motivating, it connects you with others and forms somewhat of a bond between members.

By adding the extra steps and cutting back on eating, I’ve lost 10 pounds!!!

“We have to align our mind, body and soul together by taking care of ourselves to be healthy, happy and to feel accomplished for our core assignment(s) of having a beautiful and valuable life. 3 questions of Health trails to answer each day were nothing but taking control and care of your health, mind and soul. So keep it up and synchronize yourself by being aligned and be healthy, happy and peaceful.

I have kept active and been mindful of my eating. I did more activities including workout classes and dance classes, and more time outside. About 75% of the time I hit my daily steps goal.

Walking has helped me keep my weight at a healthy level.

I have enjoyed trying new recipes and sharing that with my family. I like logging progress daily because it inspires me to be intentional with exercise. Thanks for the opportunity and info!

For an 81 year old, didn’t do too badly.

I have lost 8 lbs. and I have more energy now.

I’ve dropped 10 pounds of more following this program; also, I’ve never worn a “Fit Bit” until now. On a daily basis, I find myself ensuring that my “Fit Bit” is a part of my wardrobe. Thank you for the awareness!