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Stay healthy during cold and flu season

Stay healthy during cold and flu season

It’s the middle of flu season and you’ve got it or know a coworker who called in sick. Don’t fret - your benefits let you see a board-certified doctor as soon as the flu or cold comes knocking – without having to make a stop at the doctor’s office. Just visit or download the mobile app. You can also call 24/7 NurseLine at 1-888-724-2583 to speak to a registered nurse any day of the day or night. Here are a few reminders about the flu so you can be prepared in case you get it.

Prevention 1011,2

- USG BCBSGa members: Use your BCBSGa ID card at a doctor’s office in your plan.

- USG Kaiser members: You must use a Kaiser facility. To find one, go to

- Get a flu shot at your local CVS/Pharmacy or MinuteClinic

Do you have the cold or flu?

Symptoms include (not everyone gets these):

Getting over it1

If you get treated within the first 48 hours of getting the flu, you have a better chance of recovering faster:4 To shorten your recovery time and feel more comfortable while you get better:


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3 Flu shots received at out-of-network provider’s office are not covered. If onsite Student Health Center clinics offer flu shots then you will have to pay up front & fax receipt with BCBSGa ID card to attention BCBSGa Flu Shot Reimbursement Claims at 1-866-238-9959 to be reimbursed.

4 website: Symptoms (accessed August 2017):