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Spring 2017 HealthTrails Success Stories

Spring 2017 HealthTrails Success Stories

1st time using a Fit-bit and I love it! Makes me more accountable for walking and also taking breaks for relaxing!

65 and in third place with about 14 others.

After participating in this program, I have felt more energized and less prone to depression. Had lots of fun competing with other universities. Valdosta State for the Win! 😊

am working towards my first half-marathon, to run in November!!

awesome way to improve morale and enhance teamwork

Be like Nike, just do it! Love yourself enough to just do it!

Before starting HealthTrails, I absolutely hated drinking water. I have started walking with a coworker to fill up my water bottle multiple times a day and manage to drink water with flavor packets. This program also has allowed me to bond with coworkers, as two or three of us started going on daily walks around campus during our breaks.

Checking what I eat and my steps everyday.

During my time on the program, I was able to keep at my goal of a more active lifestyle. As a result of this and my attention to my diet, I was able to lose 20 lbs during the course of the program.

During the challenged, I hiked a 7 mile trail; something that I would have never done or thought I could accomplish, but I pushed through and it inspired me to keeping pushing through in every aspect of life.

Encouraged me to be more regular with exercise and intentional with random acts of kindness.

From doing the Health Trails challenge, I begin to realize that exercise actually gives your more energy and its fun to get active in a community environment; though competitive gives me an incentive to try a little harder. I enjoyed this challenge and would love to do it again; so me and my group are thinking about continuing on in a group format, so we can continue to motivate one another.

get some steps in before work each day take a morning walk, lunchtime walk, and afternoon walk weekends are tough so schedule walks early and don’t forget to use the conversion chart.

Got me up and moving each day. Loved the reduced price on the fitbit as this device will now keep me moving beyond just the health trails time period! Wish that all my family members could get as reduced price fitbit-I would take advantage of this and all of us would be in competition!

GREAT PROGRAM. We loved participating. Can USG do more stuff like this???

Great way to encourage me to not take days off in diet and fitness.

Great way to get moving during the day!

HealhTrails put exercise back on my daily routine list.

Health Trails promotes LIFE! Follow the TRAIL to a HEALTHY lifestyle!...from a proud participant

Health Trails provided the boost I needed to continue to find reasons to exercise.

HealthTrails assisted me with my ongoing fitness goals. Although I’m already very active I challenged myself to do even more in an effort to be a strong team member. My goal of further reducing my body fat to enhance the definition of my abs was helped out by the increased cardio I undertook to reach my steps goals. Thanks for this wellness initiative.

HealthTrails helped challenge and encourage us during a time when it is easy to drown in our work during the end of the semester! I loved the camaraderie and only wish we could’ve WON!

HealthTrails is a great motivator. I did better and was more consistent than I thought I would be.

HealthTrails made me want to reach the goal of 15,000 steps per day.

helped me to establish my own small change in behavior that helps me to develop consistency with regard to exercise.

I actually started going to the gym.

I always exercise, so getting 10,000 steps was fairly easy, but I ended up losing 5 pounds.

I am always walking, getting more of it during this time helped with energy, stress, and sleeping. I recommend continuing to walk daily.

I am excited that because of HealthTrails exercising at least 6 days a week for 30 minutes and eating “right” I’ve lost 15lbs. The Program has motivated me to continue especially as summer is approaching. I can’t stop now. This program has been a “game changer” for me. I’m so excited about my continued weight loss.

I am finally feeling more rested and less dependent on caffeine. It’s an important step in my weight loss and fitness goals as I feel more energetic.

I am now officially a daily walker and I will continue to be. I feel so much better, eating better, and sleeping better now that I have started moving more.

I believe Health Trails brought my team closer to each other, which, as one of the newest employees in my workplace, gave me the opportunity to connect with my new co-workers and supervisors on a topic outside of work. Secondly, I set a personal goal to max-out 15,000 steps per day. At first this was completely overwhelming, as I already juggle volunteer work and home commitments, but I quickly found more time to exercise by using the morning and lunch hours to maximize my efforts.

I completed the 10K I signed up for and made good time with it.

I completed three trails and logged 737.8 miles.

I continue to monitor my daily steps…it motivates me 😊

I developed a will to incorporate walking and experiencing nature more in my everyday activities—that has been refreshing to me.

Before the program, I did not have any idea of how much I walked. The program gave me a better perspective of how much more I need to walk and exercise.

Hopefully this will be a regular challenge!

I enjoyed getting to know a few colleagues better. Seeing their progress inspired me to do better and to reach out to those who might need some encouragement.

I enjoyed it!

I exercise and walk more doing it through Health Trails. I feel more energetic and I lost 15 lbs the first time I participated. I really enjoy it!

I feel very energized and motivated walking and working out with friends and family members, Health Trails really added more vim and makes it purposeful since I have to log everything I do !

I had been working on a weight loss plan prior to Health Trails…but this certainly fueled my efforts! 25 pounds since Jan. 2nd! I have teammates who have similar stories.

I had foot survey on December 29th and was released for full activity right before the started of Health Trails. I challenged myself to do 15k steps a day and it helped to break up the scar tissue in my foot and accelerate my healing. Most of all, I have learned that if I want to do something, I will make time for it.

I had fun seeing the “trail” that I was “walking” on, and I really liked seeing my progress!

I had set a goal to lose at least 10 pounds, and even though I only lost 5 pounds it is a start and I am determined to keep going with Health Trails on my own until at get to my goal.

I had spinal fusion surgery on six vertebraes in my lower back in late October and was able to walk 30-40 minutes each day during the Health Trails period. Participating in Health Trails has contributed to my recovery and increased my stamina and endurance.

I stopped exercising due to my workload and extensively busy schedule, but getting involved with Health Trails was a game changer. I am really motivated and feeling great. I was able to take time out of same busy schedule. I lost weight, feel good, become more aware of healthy choices and I feel like this program has put me back in shape and on track for a healthy life.

Thanks to FVSU Wildcat trail mates for motivation and USG for implementing the program. Kudos for developing a wonderful app and web interface for calculating the steps, providing leader boards and all the fine details to keep trail mates more engaged and motivated.

I have a plan to continue it. While using this program I lost some weight and also got in a habit of run/walk whether it is dark or light, rain or shine. I just had to do it because I was seeing the result and felt good. I have also noticed I am not stressed. Also, my BP is under control.

I have always thought that one very important aspect of fitness is accountability. Seeing my own numbers each and every day provided real accountability for me—but also to my team. When days came along that I may not have had the most energy, I knew that I had a reason to still do my part. As a result of this 6-week “journey”, I have reinstituted a couple of good habits, like drinking water and taking a few more steps. Now at age 68, I feel that such habits are even more beneficial!

I have an injured right leg and have been taking PT during the same period but I persevered to reach and surpass my goal of 300 miles. Don’t let anything keep you from doing the things you enjoy!

I have been able to increase my cardio activity using the aided health trails and smart tracker.

I have found the health and wellness competitions to be quite enjoyable. The information on various health techniques and exercise workouts enlightened me on ways that I can continue improvement of my health. I also enjoy the motivation and encouragement I receive from each challenge along with being able to share that support to fellow colleagues in helping them along their health journey. Health is important and I believe as we continue with these competitions, we will see a shift in the well-being of the USG family.

I have gone from walking less than 3000 steps daily average to more than double that number! My dear teammates have been so patient and kind and we intend to continue our walks! I’ve lost 45 lbs. in the last year and now, thanks to this challenge & my colleagues, I feel more fit than I have in 30 years!

Even my daughter is into it!

I have lost 10 lbs and created a healthier lifestyle. I have my slip days but overall I am happy with the way my fitness and health goals are headed. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

I have lost 15 pounds in the past 8 weeks!

I have lost 3 inches off my waist and 10 pounds overall. I have also taken progress photos in which I am willing to share.

I have lost 30 pounds since November of last year, but the Health Trails really spurred my weight loss on when it was starting to lag back in January!

I have lost nearly 50 pounds walking every day!

I have managed to select healthier food choices. Keep track of my steps and water intake. Many thanks to the staff!

I have more energy and more gratitude for t the simple things in life like; walking and seeing the birds in the air or watching rabbits run around.

I have never had a regular exercise program in my entire adult life, but Health Trails has really motivated me. The fit-bit has been the key for me, with its step counter, associated app, and additional motivating features. The Health Trails competition has also been a strong motivation to get into a regular walking and exercise routine by competing both at the Georgia Tech level and the University System level. Now I hope to continue what I’ve learned through Health Trails on my own and will look forward to the next competition.

I was not able to lose any weight, despite trying very hard on my own. Being a part of a team, I have lost five pounds!

I have really enjoyed my Fit-bit. It helps me to get up and moving. I also realize how much I am not moving during the day and how just by being conscious of getting in that little bit of exercise, can go a long way. Staying hydrated is a bonus too.

I hit 10k steps per day majority of the time and that was a major feat having a desk job. I was very aware of my water consumption and I am down 5 lbs.

I just recently made goal with Weight Watchers. Participating in HealthTrails kept the momentum going and has helped me keep on track with my weight, meal planning, and exercise goals.

I like the challenge portion of Health Trails because it made me mindful of the workout and made me want to workout more.

I liked the group/team spirit. Having encouraging teammates makes all the difference.

I liked to think of myself as being active before I started HealthTrails. After positive peer pressure to join a team, I began tracking my steps. I realized how sedentary I had become. The accountability of logging my progress each night and competing with others was a motivator each day. I now am regularly doubling my activity levels for the day.

I Lost 11 pounds!

I lost 13 pounds!

I lost 25 pounds in 3 months without “dieting”.

I lost 32 pounds while doing health trail !

I lost 5 lbs and now I make an effort to get moving !

I lost 5 pounds over the 6-week program. I noticed a significant improvement in my energy. Also, I was able to develop a consistent sleep pattern.

I lost 5 pounds without trying very hard - just walking every day!

I lost about 15 pounds so far!

I lost approximately 9 pounds during the Health Trails Challenge! The program was a great way to begin a new, healthier approach to my life.

I lost five pounds and my blood pressure is lower!

I lost pounds and inches during the Health Trail program, and enjoyed pushing myself to walk more and eat healthier.

I lost some weight and really took notice of my activity and walking. I liked the notifications. I have now started a weight loss plan and really buying foods that are healthy and eating better. Today I even packed nutritious snacks. I teach evenings so it is hard at times to eat right. The program helped me to really think and plan. I am considering starting something with my students.

I lost some weight without trying much and started passing my previous daily step goals, so I’ve upped my daily step goal. I’m going to join a local gym for the summer, so I can keep going during the hot weather. My dog liked it, too.

I lost ten pounds! Also, I now have a collection of healthy recipes that maximize the servings of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

I lost weight during this competition. I’m in a daily routine of exercising, drinking water and performing at least two acts of kindness. Although our Heath Trails competition ended, I have the drive to reach my weight loss goal!

I loved everything about it, from the daily tests, tips and especially the virtual walking trails. It also encouraged group participation. I would love to keep doing it all year long!

I loved the challenge ! I am down 14 pounds and plan to continue on the challenge ! I am so proud of everyone !

I owe a lot of thanks to Health Trails. I had a foot injury over a year ago that still hurts daily but has improved. I allowed my self to become completely sedentary. Thanks to Health Trails, my team, Stamps and my new fitbit I got moving! I will continue to move because the motivation began with Healthy Trails. Thank you!

I realized that I already walk 4-5 miles a day, and that I can walk up to 7 or 8 miles a day, on occasion, without ever even realizing it. That made me more conscious of my physical activity and I loved the sleep recordings and insights!

I really enjoyed this. I did look at my totals and compared them to any friends I knew and also university wide. I was happy with my achievement !

I started Health Trails as a motivator to be active. I found that I looked forward to the tips every day and this helped me to further my goal of reaching 15,000 steps a day and increasing my water intake. I am happy to report that I am now a size 8, from a size 10, and one my way to a size 6.

I started my walking, slowly, but I continued. When I felt I could not complete my goal, I called one of my friends and started talking while walking. My times flies and I reached my stepping goals very easily. I shared my steps with my trail mates while walking and that encouraged them to walk more everyday. One day I completed over 23,427 steps, another day 19,105, another day 19,066, and record was 30,609 steps in one day. It has increased my confidence on my ability as well!

I started the year at my highest weight ever, crossing the 300+ mark, at 305 lbs. I had no energy and made excuses about time being the reason. Also, my father and many men in my family have passed away between 60-70 due to poor health and poor nutrition. I have said for years that I did not want to continue that trend but I wasn’t actively doing anything about it. I asked our President, Don Green, if I could join his team because I know he takes nutrition and wellness serious and he would put pressure on me to meet my own goals. In the beginning, I hit the 15K step goal everyday and I learned to fight through the pain. Then my wife got sick and had surgery. I feel into my old ways and got off track for a few days, missing my goals and not managing my nutrition. Then Don sent an email encouraging us to finish strong and I decided “not this time”, so I started moving again and I am now ending this program hitting my goals. I have now lost 25 lbs. and i feel better than I have in a long time. This program was just the kick-start to what will be a new life of good nutrition and exercise. We have a campus basketball pickup game that I participate in, we are starting walking groups and I bring my entire family to the college gym so that this is now a family lifestyle change. And by the way, my wife is improving and can’t wait to get back in the GHC gym!

I started this challenge with a lot of excitement. However, I later found some difficulty with logging in and keeping track. Nonetheless, despite the end of the Health Trails, I have been able to maintain some motivation and have continued ‘counting steps’ and tracking my kindness 😊. So far, I have lost 7 pounds!!!

I started walking with the spring campaign this past March. I kept going after it ended, adding some interval training on a spin bike to go along with the walking. I’ve dropped 10 pounds!

Thanks to Health Trails encouraging emails, recipes and BIOACHIEVERS team ““esprit de corps”” was very competitive.

The social interaction throughout the USG system and reading people’s accomplishments helped to give me an added boost of motivation to accomplish the daily stepping goals.

I walk faster, lost approximately 5 lbs. In 1 month and I plan to continue this journey to improve my health and live a more STRESS-FREE life. PEACE!

I suffered a horrific accident on Christmas day, seriously injuring my leg. The vascular system is now compromised, however surgery is not an option. My doctor told me walking might help. This program came at just the right time; the walking is indeed working, and I am enjoying a gradual healing as I walk more each day.

I think Health Trails increased my awareness of how walking can help me stay more fit.

I think it was good to become more aware of our steps and make connections to others doing the same!

I think that this should be done for a year in stead of just a few months !

I truly appreciate having a job that actually encourages you to get up from your desk and take a quick walk. My goal was just to become more active and Health Trails, along with Fit-bit, encouraged me to walk more than I had before starting—including outside of work. I feel like I will maintain this habit even now that the challenge has concluded. Thank you.

I used this fitness program to jump-start my weight loss goal of 30 pounds. I am almost half way to reaching that goal. I lost 12.2 pounds.

I walk a lot and never thought about recording my steps until this challenge.

I was able to meet my step goal and active minute goal everyday! I also found myself drinking more water so I could log miles. I definitely have more energy and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate.

I was able to meet new people through the team challenge.

I was able to notice that I need to drink more water so I am working on that.

I was able to see my reached goals every single day. After 1 week to 10 days into it, I started feeling better, more energetic, and was more aware of what I ate. If anything, it made me more aware of health, nutrition and fitness. I like incorporating health it into my job.

I was excited to start walking each day but then I hurt my knee and was not able to make the goal of 10K steps a day. I completed what I could.

I was the leader on my team, trying to encourage the other members to be more active. I would enjoy doing more activities such as this in the future if available.

I was very physically active prior to arriving at GSU. Due to long commutes and the change of setting my exercise regimen decreased drastically. Even though I never tracked my steps or water intake in the past, I lived with a sense that I was engaged in healthy routines. I found out through this challenge that I had grossly underestimated the amount of steps I was actually completing on a daily basis since moving and probably prior to my move. As a result of this challenge I am very purposeful about not remaining sedentary for long periods of time and I have increased my water intake . My teammates were people who actually completed at least 5-7K more steps than me everyday but they pushed me to not be content with minimal standards.

I went from being a mostly sedentary person to walking over 8,000 steps per day and 10,000 steps on some days. For someone with Fibromyalgia that is a HUGE step. Thanks for the encouragement!

I went from short 10-15 minute walk at lunch to 2 mile walk at lunch!

I will say this challenge got me moving every, single day. I know that doesn’t sound like much but when you want to create a new habit, repetition is key and six weeks of deliberate movement is a great start to a life long habit.

I worked out 4 - 5 times a week before the Health Trails. The best success story was to motivate my mom, who has diabetes to work out daily. This program encouraged her to workout or do something every day, and that is great! I want to keep her around little longer. Also this program brought out her competitive nature into beating everyone on the team. HAHA!

Thank you!!

I would encourage others to use Health Trails !

Focus, engage, concentrate, stay positive, commit to finish, and you will enjoy the results! I did, and I do.

I’m actually a Health and Wellness coach so I already log my steps and water intake but it was great being a team captain! My fellow teammates were excited and engaged and it was awesome to be supporting them!

I’m really proud as I went from not being able to run one minute to running for 45 minutes without stopping!

Improved stamina, drastically!

Increased focus on walking daily.

It made me become more active. It also showed me that if I put a little more effort into exercising I could have the body I desire and become healthier.

It made me move more, so I don’t get so stiff from sitting at the desk for long periods of time.

Its a good way to have fun with colleagues while getting healthy.

It’s been a great experience and I look forward to being involved in the next round!

I’ve lost over 20 pounds and have changed my entire lifestyle!

I’ve recently lost 30lbs with the competitive nature of my work family.

Inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle!

Being held accountable helped push me to walk on days when I didn’t feel like it.

Knowing that I was going to have to log, Health Trails created an accountability factor that kept me motivated.

Logging actually had a self-imposed accountability piece to it, which was beneficial to me (staying true to my commitment) even though sometimes I had to catch up because of other priorities.

Lost 1 dress size!!!! Goal accomplished!

Lost 30+ lbs

Lost 4 lbs !

Lost about 3-4 lbs. Fit-bit was a godsend! Never would have been able to afford one without the USG subsidy.

Made me focus more on being active

Motivated me to do a 5k this fall. I am determined to beat my last time fro 8 years ago.

My doctor told me to walk 35 minutes a day when I was in my 20s (I am now 61), and I have been very faithful about that, rain, snow, or shine, and it is the only reason I am as healthy as I am because I don’t eat as healthy as I should all the time. I don’t drink sodas or eat doughnuts, but like most people I don’t get as many fruits/vegetables or as much water into me as I should. Being active is really the key to me, but it needs to be consistent. I have a rambunctious dog (pitbull) who must be walked every night. Walking is also great for mental health.

My office did a wonderful job with finding creative ways to encourage us to get our steps. Each week, we participated in team building exercises that made us get up and MOVE! It was very fun, and exciting to see us work together as a team and encourage each other daily.

My team inspired me to get up and go on days that I was just not feeling it. Being active makes me less stressed and realize the many gifts that I’ve been given.

Not really a success story but I loved how it MADE me get up and move! I sit at my desk all day and didn’t realize how little I moved. Would love to see Health Trails activities all year round.

One of my biggest struggles is drinking enough water, so I greatly appreciated this being offered as one of the challenges. This helps me get into the habit of drinking more water, and I now regularly drink 8-10 glasses a day now.

Our team found ten members and we inspired each other. One team member was taking BP medicine; she no longer requires it. Another pair of members doubled their walking daily. Our police officers on the team were seen more frequently and offered a perception of higher safety and visibility. Finally, I lost two pants sizes!

Our team worked HARD for the last six weeks. We had guys who were at a conference in San Diego waking up at six am to go and walk. When guys on the team needed encouragement, we would text each other…we even wrote a song one night. While there are plenty of physical benefits to Health Trails, for our team it actually brought us closer together and made us more effective at work.

Pain is weakness leaving the body!

Part of a healthy life is to make sure that we are not only taking care of ourselves but others as well. The notion of making sure that we help others and how that makes us both physically and emotionally fit is a part of health that one rarely considers.

Participating in this challenge made me very aware of my sedentary life. I have become more active. I workout/walk at least 3-4 times per week now. I make sure I get up and move every hour even if its just walking around my building. I am trying out healthier recipes. I’ve increased my water intake drastically from drinking no water to drinking upwards of 169 oz each day. I’ve lost five pounds. I have really enjoyed this experience and I can’t wait until the next one!

Partnering the Health Trails program with our exercise science practicum student training was a huge success for me; we had our pre-test at the very beginning when Health trails was just about to start and worked together the entire time Health Trails was going and nearly all of my pre-test areas improved by my post-test!

Prior to Health Trails I was not drinking enough water during the day. I still don’t drink enough but I am drinking a lot more than when I started. I also didn’t pay much attention to my daily steps. I now try to make the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Prior to starting, I walked at least 6000 steps daily. After starting, I walked at least 10,000 steps on all but 4 days, which was a huge accomplishment. I really looked forward to reading the daily tips and to interacting with my trail mates. Great program to kick start your exercise.

Since we started, I’ve walked everyday for at least an hour a day.

Thanks for helping me get motivated healthier and less stressed!! I absolutely loved having a place to check in and the challenge! Gonna miss the daily check in

Thanks to the CEMR and Health Trails for helping me to be more active and providing me with incentives to remain active. I have gone from having difficulty getting from my car to my office using a cane to being able to walk >7 miles a day unassisted. I have been working diligently at the CEMR over the last 8 months, with Health Trails providing an additional catalyst for improving my mobility. Thanks CEMR and Health Trails! 😊

Thanks to this competition, I am getting back on track. I’m not there yet, but I am a lot closer. Thanks to a great team!

The best success that I see, is my team bonding in a way they have not been able to bond before. Some of us made ourselves vulnerable to one another, and it helps us cheer one another on in many ways.

The challenge got me motivated and I began to be more active. Receiving the Fit-bit at the great discount, that was offered, was awesome!! That little gadget helped me to push myself to do more each day and I will continue to use it! I lost 7 lbs, which isn’t much but it’s a start. Thank you for the challenge.

The challenge started 6 weeks before my wedding. I used the challenge to help me reach the energy level to enjoy my wedding to the fullest. I danced all night, walked many miles on the beach and was not tired or exhausted.. All smiles on the fitting of my dress.😊

The combination of daily email reminders, interactive activities, and the fit-bit really helped me establish a habit of getting out of my office chair more often over the past month. Also drank more water.

The competition aspect of the event helped me to keep going. I am in weekly competitions and weekend competitions with friends already but the expanded group to compete with and the ability to have an extended competition was fun.

The competition has been helpful in keeping me motivated as I continue to recover from foot surgery.

The Health trolls program with the USG system made me more motivated regarding my fitness levels and abilities. Since joining Health trails challenges I have managed to become more fit, of my exercise including lifting weights to tone and light jogging and some sprinting which I never thought I would be able to do. It has influenced me to maintain my fitness goals and has kept me motivated to push through and I didn’t feel like it. It is overall helping me become a more fit and healthy me.

The Health Trails program and group challenge jump-started me into caring about my activity and wearing my Fit-bit again. I needed that reason to get me in the right frame of mind after a long time of not caring as much as I should.

The Health Trails program has helped me become more active. Some days I did not get the 6,000 minimum required,however, the steps I made each day during the Health Trails was a lot more than I had in the past. I appreciate the encouragement I have received from my co-workers at Dalton State College. The encouragement to get up and move around frequently also to eat healthier. Ale Velazquez helped remind me to drink more water, she would fill me a cup full of flavored water bring it to me. Lori McCarty, took me for a long walk around the parking lot one evening while we were out of town for a meeting, I got in over 10,000 steps that day thanks to her.

The initiative’s competitive element really did motivate me to be far more active, on a daily basis, and to drink more water. Healthy Trails was also a great team-building experience. Thank you for providing this opportunity! Now, let’s do it again!

The tracking of my steps really helped me. My resting heart rate and blood pressure both dropped about 10 points.

There were so many times that I was ready to quit, but working as a team gave me the incentive to complete the maximum requirements. I felt like a part of a very positive goal. Thanks.

Health Trails allowed coworkers to help motivate each other. We encouraged each other to walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, shared recipes, and to drink more water. It was a boost to your self-confidence and challenged you to a better, healthy, lifestyle.

This came at the perfect time for me as I was recuperating from my last chemo treatment and this encouraged me to move and do more than I thought I could. I hesitated to join a team for fear I would drag them down but that is not what happened. I ended up leading the way. Thank you for the motivation!

The challenge got me over the next hurdle, now I get at least 15,000 steps every day and often more than 20,000.

This program absolutely encouraged me to think more about my health. I thought about walking and what I was eating. I saw my co-workers also doing the same thing.

This program helped me lose 20 lbs. It really helped me learn how to make small changes to lead to big results. So happy I did this!

This programs reminds me to stay active and encourages all types of healthy behaviors! It’s very easy to put our health last when we are busy with work, family and community responsibilities. Thanks so much for this USG!!

This was a great experience for me and my family. We worked out together and held each other accountable. That accountability continued with my work team. I lose a 13lbs during the challenge time.

This was my first time participating in Health Trails, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun to discuss my daily activities with colleagues and I was motivated each day to exercise. I will do this again next year.

This was my first time with Health Trails, and it was so encouraging. Having a team and communicating and encouraging each other built communication habits, and excitement in the trails about each others progress and achievements. A couple of the team members lost weight and were so encouraged. I also feel more energetic and my mind is clearer and more focused throughout the day. It is surprising just how much each team player can encourage each other to succeed. Really loved it. Plan on doing it again!

Through the Health Trails initiative I was able to get a jump start on a healthy life. Alongside meeting daily step goals, I was able to choose healthier options for meals, keep up with my water consumption, and daily acts of kindness. This became habitual for me so much so that exceeding my goals became very easy. This was the extra push that I needed!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as focused this year. We have been so busy at work.


Walking can make a difference in your life on a daily basis. It relieves stress, pumps your blood, and just make you feel better.

Walking each day for an hour or so, gave me so much more energy that most days I walked over 15,000 steps. Just do it!!

Watching those on campus from the highest offices and those whose daily tasks might be routine, come together for common health incentives was fun and inspiring.

We won. We were successful!

Well, I have lost over 15 pounds. Part of this is the walking, most of it is diet. 😊

When I visited the doctor’s office for routine checkup, I received an excellent report. Numbers had dropped.

Amazing feeling, when you notice you can do more in a day because your energy levels are increased.

While I didn’t lose much weight, I did gain energy and lost inches.

With the encouragement of my team mates (that they did not know they were doing), I have myself in a routine to exercise every day now. I have not seen any measured loss of weight or inches but I do feel better.

Yes, I lost weight and improved my overall strength and fitness doing the health trails challenge.

50 is just a number. I set a goal in 2016 to be at my best when I reached age 50 in April of 2017. I started working out with a personal trainer twice a week, found an group of co-workers to exercise with during lunch and I try to walk my dogs most every evening. Minor weight loss, but I have more energy and my clothes fit better. I also made a positive career change in January of 2017 that offers new and exciting challenges. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone—no matter how old your are!

Awareness of being kind made a big difference.

Being part of my department’s Health Trails team motivated me to start waking up earlier to go to the gym before work instead of after.It’s much harder to justify skipping workouts when they’re the only reason you’re awake so early! My 5k time improved significantly as a result.

Doing anything with a team is encouraging, this is the best way to loose weight, and your not thinking about it too much!

Down 6 more pounds with quite a bit of muscle. Yard work and chopping firewood is an incredible way to workout!

During the challenge, I lost 15 pounds.

Walking much more often than I was.

Health Trails coincided with my desire to regularly exercise, but with the Fit-bit and the weekly challenges from co-workers, I was infinitely more successful than I would’ve been on my own.

Health trails inspired me to go the extra mile!

I am a lifelong exerciser, so this did not make a great impact on me, but the trails in different countries was interesting.

I am feeling better and have more stamina

I am now down 8 lbs.

I am walking more. Since I spend all day sitting that is a good thing.

I am working on becoming healthier. Although, I am not where I want to be right now, I am definitely making progress. I have lost 8 pounds and feel better.

I became motivated to achieve 15,000 steps everyday.

I don’t have a story, but I did like the idea of this whole Health trails thing… it made me more aware that I’m more active during my weekend day that my week day. I need to make an effort to get busy during the week. Thanks for the opportunity.

I learned that I walk a lot more than i thought. I drink more water than most people.

I learned that if you dance a son cubano vigorously, you take over 1000 steps for one five-minute song.

I lost 11 pounds!!!!

I lost 28 lbs and developed healthy habits that will serve me well as I continue walking my way to fitness.

I lost 5 lbs during this time. I increased my step count by about 3000 every day.

I lost 7 pounds; and despite having Bronchitis in the middle, I had a great time.

I lost about 10 pounds while using Health Trails.

I lost about 15 pounds just being more conscious of what I was putting in my body and how many steps I was taking each day

I lost five pounds over the course of the Health Trails event - I know my water intake increased as a result too -thanks!

I think it makes an individual more focused on the goals.

I walked over 10,000 steps every day.

I was extremely proud to get over 10,000 steps in. It felt really great. I don’t plan to stop here. I want to make this more of a daily routine of reaching my 10,000 step goal.

I was inspired to try and lead my team, and see how I was comparing to them. I am not sure I lost any weight, but I did stay on my exercise regimen during this program.

I was the team captain for our group and I was determined to keep the motivation up for them, but I was surprised at how encouraged I was by watching everyone participate and share their own successes. Several of us are still going to continue the program and continue to encourage each other.

It inspired me to work as a team not only with co-workers but to be a good representative of my campus.

It really helped me to get back on routine to do exercise and crunches and I lost 5 lb and it helped me to manage my joint pain better.

It was fun to get with team members and encourage them to pick up the pace!

I’ve had no trouble keeping my weight stable. Thus I haven’t had to starve myself to lose weight.

I’ve lost 10 pounds and I had fun!

“My activity level is up , and getting the Fit-bit and participating in the challenge prompted me to start using lose It again. Between the vigorous walks and the closer monitoring of calories, I’ve managed to drop 8-10 pounds over the six weeks, with more to come I’m sure.

My doctor is always telling me I need to walk more, and this program motivated me to get walking again. The health questions each day were good, too. Thank you!

I broke my arm during the challenge, so I was unable to exercise as I should. I still lost weight though.

On average, each day I walked several thousands of steps more than I did prior to the Health Trails.

Since starting this challenge I have lost 6 pounds. I will continue to wear my Fit-bit and exercise.

This is actually a very well put together program. I did not utilize it as much as I should have, but It inspire me to use the Fit-bit tracker and App and I am more active on a daily basis because of it.

This program is really what I needed to get back on track. I’m back to working out on a regular basis and I am really paying attention to what I eat. I’ve also lost about 12 lbs. since starting.

Well, I did not lose any weight during the challenge, even though I did incorporate daily exercise into my work week schedule, but I feel much better, have improved my cardio tremendously, and I feel much more in shape. I recently went back on a special diet I have used in the past that promotes lots of vegetables, protein, and high fats. I have lost 9 pounds in 10 days. My goal is to lose 10 more, and I am confident I will meet that goal.