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Biometric Screening

Biometric Screening

Gauge your health

Knowing important health numbers like cholesterol and blood pressure is a valuable starting point on your journey to improved health and well-being.

Earn 10,000 well-being points for completing a biometric screening!

When you visit your physician for your annual wellness checkup, eligible employees can earn points for the biometric screening. Bring the physician form with you to your appointment. To find the physician form, go to and sign in. Click on programs, then click on the Biometric screening tile. Download the physician form which will self-populate with your information. Your physician will complete the info at your appointment. Then you will go back to the portal and upload it. For assistance with this process, contact

Onsite biometric screening events

Biometric screening events are held in October and November at most USG Institutions. Employees and spouses covered on a USG healthcare plan are eligible for a no cost biometric screening. 
To schedule an appointment at your institution, sign in to the USG Well-being platform with Virgin Pulse > navigate to the Programs page > find Biometric Screenings > click Start Now