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Register for Work of Art!

Register for Work of Art!

Register today for Work of Art!

USG Well-being is excited to announce a new program called Work of Art, designed to enhance resilience.

Complete the program and earn rewards! Employees enrolled in a USG healthcare plan can earn $20 in 2021 USG Well-being credits.

There’s no set formula or specific guideline. How you interact with others, the way you manage life’s ups and downs, the thoughts and attitudes you choose, and the relationships you nurture make up the rich tapestry of you: your personal work of art.

In Work of Art, you’ll be crafting art on your mobile or desktop device, but you don’t have to be an artist to thrive in this challenge. As you complete activities you value and track progress by “painting” images with personal meaning, you’ll create a unique experience to support ongoing emotional health.

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