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Maximize your well-being credit by getting a COVID-19 vaccine

Maximize your well-being credit by getting a COVID-19 vaccine

Let’s make COVID-19 a thing of the past!

USG values employee and family health and well-being. To encourage vaccination, the 2021 USG Well-being program credit maximum will be increasing from $100 to $200!

Effective August 30, 2021, employees and spouses enrolled in a USG healthcare plan now have the opportunity to earn a $200 well-being credit for participating with USG Well-being.

Already enrolled in USG Well-being? Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will make you eligible to earn the $200 well-being credit through December 31, 2021. If you have already received the $10 well-being credit for the COVID-19 vaccine in the 2021 credit year, you will receive the additional credit on your rewards page, bringing you to $200 before the end of September. Vaccines received after September 2021 and before December will count towards the 2022 credit year. Be sure to verify that your vaccination has been documented in the program to ensure your credit is on the way. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, there is still time to earn the credit. Details can be found in the FAQ Guide.

Not yet vaccinated or enrolled in the USG Well-being program? There is still time to enroll and start earning. Visit the FAQ to learn if you are eligible and how to get started.

More resources on this exciting announcement can be found here:

USG COVID-19 Vaccine Credit Announcement

FAQ Guide

Newly Updated 2021 Rewards Guide

Unable to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Check out the Rewards Guide for additional ways to earn the $200 well-being credit.

Health Assessment Update: Employees and spouses are no longer required to complete the Health Assessment Survey to be eligible to earn the 2021 well-being credit, but taking it is still encouraged. In this short questionnaire, you’ll answer questions about your health habits and get personalized recommendations so that you can start setting goals and make the most of your well-being experience!

Check out these upcoming USG Well-being live events. The attendee links are available below and on the USG Well-being Events Page.

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*Kaiser Permanente members: acceptance of the Wellness Agreement is required to receive credit for KP activities.