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LiveHealth Online Kiosks

LiveHealth Online Kiosks

LiveHealth Online

Quick and easy access to quality medical care 24/7

LiveHealth Online connects you to a board-certified doctor through live video on your computer, mobile device or a LiveHealth Online MedSuite kiosk at eight of our institutions. There are no appointments or long waits and it’s already part of your health plan. So all you have to do is sign up to use it!

So the next time you feel sick with the flu, a cold, pink eye, rash, sore throat or sinus infection use LiveHealth Online to get the care you need. Doctors can provide medical advice, a treatment plan and even send prescriptions to the pharmacy you select, if needed.1 It’s a great way to get the care you need when your own doctor isn’t available and it’s more convenient than a visit to the urgent care.

Sign up today so you can:

  1. Save time. Most people who use LiveHealth Online said they saved two hours or more.2
  2. Save money. A LiveHealth Online visit costs $49 or less, depending on your health plan.
  3. See a doctor 24/7. You can talk to a doctor of your choice using secure and private video chat anytime, anywhere.

What are you waiting for? Take 3 minutes today to sign up so you can save 3 hours later. Sign up now!

We’ve recently shifted in the way we offer telehealth to our employees. In addition to providing LiveHealth Online via smartphones and desktops, we are offering LiveHealth Online kiosks at eight of our institutions to provide employees with a comprehensive telehealth experience right from the workplace.

1 Prescription availability is defined by physician judgment.
2 Based on LiveHealth Online 2016 user feedback survey.