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Fall 2017 HealthTrails Success Stories

Fall 2017 HealthTrails Success Stories

Actively participating in the Health Trails challenge helped me lose 15 pounds.

An hour and a half in the morning an evening should roughly give you anywhere between 18-20,000 steps depending on your pace.

Being a part of Health Trails has made me more aware of my daily activities and has encouraged me to be more active because I want to meet my goals each day.

Determination and self-motivation are key words to me.

Down 10 lbs. over the 6 weeks!

Walking is as good as exercising! I feel very energized and invigorated after walking each time. I also focus better and stay longer at long work. You just have to commit some time for it and it will become part of your weekly routine.

Great time as always!

Health Trails inspired me to walk more and to be aware of how much exercise I was getting each day. I loved the friendly competitiveness with my team mates and other teams!

Health Trails allowed you to travel without leaving your desk. I made sure I met the requirements to be able to learn about other places. Health Trails kept me accountable not only for my health, but my actions as well. I loved the way it incorporated gratitude. Gratitude is not often thought of or associated with health and fitness, but Health Trails wanted to make us aware that healthy living is not just physical but mental as well. I loved the entire concept and sad that it has ended, it really made my day!

I am glad that we now have these Health Trails Fall and Spring. I finished this one in 5th place for Savannah State University, but looking forward to beating my record in the Spring.

I am just happy that USG has decided to continue this program, it encourages us to get out of our chair, not spend lunch at our desk and to be more active. I have been able to build a bigger better team each time having a bigger impact on my department. Since the program continues to take place more people are participating each round. I hope the program continues.

I am not very disciplined when it comes to exercising. I am sporadic. I’ll exercise for a while and do very well, and then stop. Then start over again. I still have a long way to go. However, Health Trails helped give me the discipline I needed to be more consistent. Also, I enjoyed reading the daily tips.

I appreciate that my work place is an environment where health and fitness is supported and encouraged.

I feel healthier! I have taken greater responsibility for my health and my choices.

I enjoyed the program and hope to participate in the next one soon!

I felt responsible for playing my part in keeping my group members’ rank on the leader board.

I had been lifting heavy weights and toning more. Health trails allowed me to pick up my cardio activity and switch up my work out. I lost some inches around my legs and waist. My clothes are a big bigger after these few weeks. I would like to see this quarterly, I think it is a great team building competition.

I had not been tracking my physical activity in the past couple of years. It was great to see how many steps I was taking on a daily basis and how just adding 20-30 minutes of activity could really boost my count and my fitness level. I got my husband involved and now we are both doing more fitness activities as well as eating better!

I learned a lot from the Heath Trails:

1. How important about the team work

2. Knowledge from Tip Test and the Financial IQ Challenge

3. Share and expressed the gratitude to other

I have lost 10 pounds while on this program! I am so happy you were able to motivate me and my team mates. I love the camaraderie that it builds.

I have participated in two Health Trails this year. I was motivated to walk every day with my goal to lose weight and of course also be active and healthy. I have used a sentence as a password that summarizes my goal(s). I entered this several times a day, which helped me to persevere. Participation in the last two Health Trails events assisted me in reaching my goal of losing 21 pounds and fitting into a size 6 again. :D

I hit my all-time high for steps, over 31,000 steps in one day!

I increased my activity and saw a real boost in my energy level and endurance.

I like the program because I find it motivating to exercise with a team. Unfortunately, I had a few technical problems this time and was very delayed in inputting my steps.

I lost 15 pounds through this activity.

I lost 9 pounds during this challenge. The competition aspect inspired me to be more active and take more steps each day to stay competitive.

I moved from walking an average of 2 miles a day to about 8 miles a day, and I lost 5 pounds.”

I used to not be able to participate in anything, but now since working with the folks at the CEMR in the CONHS I am able to participate in things like Health Trails. More than that I feel like I am a good contributor to the team and VSU. I am able to do and last longer at doing a great many more things than I was a few years ago. Thanks for having these community opportunities to encourage activity.

I walked more during this event than last time. I was inspired and I inspired my team mates.Exercise has always helped my mental abilities for work and socially.

I was able to complete approximately 3.5 trails. I was not as successful as the previous challenge but I feel like I was more mindful of my movement during the challenge.

I was eager about participating in the Health Trail Challenge. This challenge has started a new trend for me to continue and better my life.

It’s a fun way to get yourself moving!

I’ve been in the last 3 Health Trail programs and I’ve lost 30 pounds. More importantly, I am exercising now on a regular basis. And it’s been a tremendous morale booster for our office!

I’ve upped my game to 15k steps on most weekdays and 10k steps on the weekend. With my teammates looking over my shoulder, I couldn’t let them down!

Knowing I had to log in my steps helped me to walk more intentionally. The health tips are helpful.

Logging in gives me a sense of accomplishment, that I didn’t think I needed, but it’s helpful to have. I like working out solo, but Health Trails gives me “something ” to be accountable to since I don’t have a gym buddy or trainer.

Lost 5lbs!!!

More mindful of walking

Some people feel they need others to motivate them to exercise and I think it’s great when you can be your own motivator. It works better in your favor, and you are holding yourself accountable. When I first started the Health Trails, I used to think they were crazy for wanting us to do that many steps in a day. Now everywhere I go, I am always finding a reason to get up and walk. I was at the airport waiting for a flight and unlike everyone else that were sitting, I got up and walked around. A few people caught on to what I was doing and asked if I was exercising. I said yes, I need to get 25k steps a day. They were so impressed with me doing my steps where I was and it truly inspired me to keep going. I say to everyone, you can get up and move on your own, you don’t need someone to do it with you. Be your own change!

Thanks to health trails I am back on the road to a healthy lifestyle

The financial IQ was the best, from this I updated my will and beneficiaries, learned about the different types of retirement funds. I have greater than 10 years to retirement, hope this help me to enjoy my gold years.

The first Health Trails campaign really spurred me to get healthier and more fit. I have lost over 35 pounds since the first one last fall!

The Health Trails Program really works!

These challenges with your friends and colleagues are great motivation to exercise.

This is a great program. I would encourage anyone to participate to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is my second go around with Health Trails and I was very inspired to meet my goals. During this challenge I was encouraged to begin new daily exercise activities which changed my diet and allowed me to lose weight. I also started a gratitude journey journal and that growth was inspiring too!

This is my second health trail challenge, and I look forward to others! The first time, I went solo. The second time I participated on a team. I’m usually motivated to be active; however, the team challenge added an incentive so that I more than doubled my step count and lost weight in the process. Give it a try!

This was fun! I really enjoyed encouraging each other as a team to meet goals. We need to spread this enthusiasm into the workplace!

When I started Health Trails I knew I was not getting enough exercise but I didn’t really know how sedentary I had become. I’m 51 and I know I have to stay active now to have a better quality of life in years to come. The Health Trails helped me get back on track and I’m proud of myself. I also appreciated getting a Fit Bit for half off! I linked my Fit Bit to
MyFitnessPal, which is free, and am more aware than ever of my nutrition, calories, and exercise. I’m making better choices! This program is great. Thanks USG!

While I previously enjoyed running, I have not exercised consistently in over two years. During the 6-week program I was able to run over 200 miles and decreased my average pace by ~1 minute/mile. Thanks to Health Trails and to team PharmDawg Sole Mates for the motivation!

Wonderful option to exercise.

You are never too old to start a new routine!

I lost 5 pounds during this challenge and created some good new habits. I’m thrilled!

By participating in Health Trails, it encourages you by having people you work with daily take part, building friendships, and exercising together.

Determination and Will Power is what helped me to succeed through this adventure!!!

Gained 4 pounds, (not what I expected} BUT lost an inch.

I am usually a 4500 or less steps a day person and this has challenged and inspired me to get up and get moving! I have lost inches, pounds and even feel so much better than I used to. now I am trying to get 10,000 steps a day to keep up what I have started! Thank you for allowing the employees a discount on the Fitbit, this device has really enabled me and others to connect after the health trails have ended.

I ate healthier snacks because I wanted to see progress and I did.

I have lost 14 pounds since the summer Health Trails, so I am very pleased.

I have lost 42 pounds between the summer 2017 and fall 2017 health challenges! Yea me!!!

I would encourage others to participate in the challenge next time. This program surely makes you review your daily habits.

Just put one foot in front of the other and see the results, daily.

Lost over 15 lbs, thus far.

Set a goal, stick to it, and think Healthy!!

The Health Trails is where you gain addition knowledge and keep healthy thoughts before you daily.

This encouraged me to get out of the chair and move

This is something good for the employees. Exercise helps to reduce stress!! Walking really helps control your weight along with watching what and how much you eat. It also helps relieve stress.