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Fall 2016 HealthTrails Success Stories

Fall 2016 HealthTrails Success Stories

I was definitely motivated to get my steps in, and my sleep habits improved dramatically. I will be continuing the habits I’ve built in those areas. If I were to participate in another session, I would focus on additional goals—probably servings of produce and water. Over all, it was fun and engaging.

Having COPD, exercise is vital to my well being. At first, I couldn’t keep up with the other walkers, and devised a plan to reroute myself so I could join them from time to time. At the end of the Health Trails project, others in my group mentioned how amazed that I was keeping up and that my breathing was much better. I noticed it too and we plan to keep on walking!

I have lost some weight , which makes me feel great

It encouraged team - walking .

I’m 25 years old so it was very surprising to see the amount of steps that I don’t take throughout the day. Health Trails really forced me to get moving and I will continue after the challenge is over.

Healthy Trails was great fun for our Fit Responders. It brought me closer together with my co-workers and gave us an opportunity to be engaged with each other outside of the office. It was wonderful to see the encouragement and motivation that came from our group as we worked to succeed in meeting out goal. We really enjoyed having the team setting and the accountability that comes with working with others.

I am eating more produce daily and taking more steps. As this challenge ends, I am going to continue to eat 5-7 produce servings and walk 10000 to 12000 steps intentionally every day! I lost 10 pounds!

I’m fit, I’m awesome and I’m enjoying life!

Although I didn’t lose any weight during the Health Trails competition, I gained so much more. My stamina increased and I’ve committed to continue my exercise routine.

I have walked 10,000 steps every day since March 29th. (I am trying to do 365 consecutive days of 10,000 steps). I decided for this challenge I was going to try and up my game to 15,000 steps for 8 straight weeks. Not only did I hit my goal, but I walked over 1,000,000 steps in the 8-week period. I will also add that I manage all the guys in my team. It was absolutely awesome that after eating lunch every weekday, I had a team of guys walking for 45 minutes in a parking deck. And I have to give a MASSIVE shout out to my teammate Kevin Ball This is a guy who rarely exercised prior to this challenge. He was out there EVERY DAY walking his butt off. I actually got more gratification from his success than my own. He really inspired me to keep going even after my legs felt like they were about to fall off in week 6. We hope to do this again in the spring!

I lost 7 pounds!

The Healthy Trails challenge was what I needed to get me moving again. My COPD was getting worse as well as my knees and ankles.

I bought a fit-bit so I would not ‘cheat’ myself, but my friends who did cross-fit & yoga showed me the wonderful conversion chart. We all started a few days prior to the challenge ‘to get in the groove.

I have lost 12 pounds during the challenge, and I’m breathing MUCH better. Unfortunately during the challenge I broke my toe, and had to back off some but I kept moving/ swimming.

This was a LOT of fun and I feel SO much better. I cannot wait until the next challenge. Thank you!

I inspire others by speaking to them, and them seeing the daily effort that I put into creating a health lifestyle.

This program has really helped me to focus on my own health and well-being. As a married, working mom with a sometimes hectic work schedule and two extremely busy teenagers, it’s really hard to stay motivated around healthy living for myself because I’m always focused on my kids, work, my husband, home maintenance, volunteering, etc. Thanks for the extra push I needed to get on track and stay there!

I am 65 years old and finished in the top twenty!

This was a great way to either join a team or work on your own and still have input and support from other trail members and/or teammates. The Trail Talk and suggestions were great, as well as the exercise and healthy eating tips.

I walked at least 2-3 thousand more steps a day with the program.

My institution joined late, but we made a great showing. The energy and buzz that HealthTrails created on our campus was excellent. We will be participating again in the Spring.

I was able to meet my minimum of 500 miles goal 😊

I lost 17 pounds!

I began running 2 years ago and caught the bug! I’ve joined a running group that motivates me, holds me accountable and encourages me toward my goals. I think making exercise a “social” outlet can work for most of us, especially the ones that procrastinate or really don’t like to exercise.

When there were days that I thought about not meeting my daily goals, I thought about my teammates and did not want to keep us from achieving a higher standing in the competition against the other teams. Being a competitor, that was important to me.

Was lots of fun. Thank you!

Truly enjoyed the challenges and health tips. This activity inspired me to eat, sleep, exercise and drink with more awareness. Thanks!

In the beginning I signed up not really expecting very much out of the program. I thought everyone would fizzle out 1/2 through the program, however, I felt that at the 1/2 point we were all vested and excited about our success individually and as a team. Go GYMPACT!!!

Using this app kept me accountable, also it increases the activities for my clients.

Great way to track your habits—I didn’t realize how few fresh veggies and fruit I actually eat.

I would love to continue this journey and get more active.

I am a lifelong jogger but now I walk more because all of the years of running was hard on my knees and hips. It was fun and it made me charge up my fit-bit and use it almost every day.