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Expert advice to boost your financial confidence

Expert advice to boost your financial confidence

USG wants to help you make the most of your benefits and build a stable financial future. That’s why we’re partnering with CAPTRUST, a resource to help you make important financial decisions.

CAPTRUST is an unbiased advisory firm that provides financial coaching to employees who need help navigating their financial well-being and retirement benefits. Their counselors can answer your day-to-day financial questions, offer savings recommendations and give personalized investment advice for your USG retirement plans. Your counselor will work with you to create a Retirement Blueprint™, a comprehensive planning tool tailored to your individual needs.

Virtual coaching sessions are now available! You’re just a phone call away from a 30-minute personal consultation to discuss your financial goals.

Schedule a CAPTRUST investment advice appointment online at You can also call CAPTRUST directly at 800-967-9948.

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