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A system-wide well-being initiative

Earn Your Well-being Points

Earn Your Well-being Points

*Beginning October 1, 2023, points earned by employees and spouses enrolled in the USG Well-being program will no longer accumulate toward well-being points. Virgin Pulse activities, resources and support will still be available and continued participation is encouraged through December 31, 2023.

Better Together. Better than ever! The 2022-2023 USG Well-being Program, in partnership with Virgin Pulse and other USG partners, is here to support you with programs, live events, and tools that will help you stay motivated to achieve your well-being goals. You’ll build healthy habits, have fun with coworkers and experience the lifelong rewards of better health and well-being. There are well-being programs for everyone!




Employees and spouses enrolled in a USG Healthcare plan

You have full access to tools, resources and the USG community to support your well-being goals. You will earn well-being points by completing healthy activities. This year, you have more options for earning points than ever before. 

Benefits eligible employees who have waived healthcare coverage through USG

What you begin today can affect where you’ll be tomorrow, no matter what your well-being goals are. Join the USG Well-being program to help you get active, eat healthier, achieve financial goals, manage stress and live your best life at no additional cost to you. 

Register and you’ll receive helpful tips every day. Learn how to eat healthy, get fit, sleep better, manage stress and more. Participate in fun challenges. Motivate others and be motivated to build new healthy habits. Reach your goals by choosing what you want to work on and track your progress along the way.

To get started: 

Well-being for everyone!

Live well-being events, hosted by our trusted partners, are held nearly every day.  These educational webinars and events are open to all employees, retirees and family members; you do not need to be a "member" of the partner program to participate. Register for the webinars and educational sessions on the USG Well-being events page