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Digital Coaching

Digital Coaching

Digital coaching is an online experience for you to choose lifestyle topics such as healthy eating, stress or physical fitness, or health-focused topics like tobacco, blood pressure or diabetes. You can pick the healthy, inspiring steps that appeal to you and work at your preferred pace, unlocking new levels of healthy habits as you go.

Each digital coaching program is made up of a series of stages. Each stage consists of 4–6 steps and finishes with a challenge step. You can always see how close you are to the challenge step by looking at the % complete in the bar below the stages. Complete the challenge step to move to the next stage.

Within each stage, you pick the steps to complete. It’s all about letting you choose steps that are of interest to you! In general, you’ll be taking small steps over a period of 1828 days to complete your digital coaching experience.

You can earn a $25 well-being credit for completing a digital coaching experience (maximum $50) by Sept. 30 .

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