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America Saves Week

America Saves Week

It’s a lot easier to spend than save. But getting into a saving mindset now could make a big difference later. Start with a plan that works for you and follow it. It might be easier than you think. Try these four tips to help you make saving a habit or visit our site to find more ways to effortlessly grow your savings account.

1. Set reachable goals—Creating a plan that fits your budget and goals can help you stick to it.

2. Pay yourself first—Setting up automatic deposits can help make saving a routine so you don’t have to remember.

3. Use the right tools—Using financial calculators can help you track your progress and see if changes are needed.

4. Protect your accounts—Taking some simple steps may help ensure your savings won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Find more on saving tips and others insights on the TIAA website Or contact a TIAA financial consultant at no additional cost.