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Adventure awaits… take the first step.

Adventure awaits… take the first step.

Trails continue to put numerous Americans back on the path to good health. Hiking and walking can easily be for all levels of physical fitness, and these activities can help with health ailments like hypertension, diabetes, and anxiety. Remember to remain six feet apart from other trail users as we practice social distancing.

Did you know there are 617 easy trails in Georgia, ranging from 0.6 to 32.6 miles and from 0 to 3,874 feet above sea level? Grab your walking shoes or hiking boots and hit the trail! Hike our favorite Georgia hiking trails and walking/running trails to beautiful waterfalls, canyons, river valleys, and mountain summits.

USG Well-being will be hosting live events throughout May in partnership with some of our institutions and vendors. The attendee links will be available on the USG
Well-being Events page. Here’s a list of the events for this week.