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Corebridge Financial On-Demand Seminars

Corebridge Financial On-Demand Seminars

Cash Management: For individuals who may benefit from ideas on how to better manage their day-to-day financial resources

Retirement Planning: Helps employees identify their retirement goals, take advantage of all their funding sources, and remember to account for the effects of taxes and inflation

Investment Planning: Explains basic and advanced investing topics to achieve specific financial goals

Tax Planning: Helps attendees gain a basic understanding of types of taxes and tax planning strategies

Risk Management: Focuses on protecting our most important assets against catastrophic loss. Features an enhanced life insurance section

Estate Planning: Gives practical information on components of estate planning, including incapacity planning, probate, estate taxes, wills and trusts

Long-term Care: Provides an in-depth look at the challenges of providing ongoing care to family members who become unable to care for themselves

Retirement Strategies for Women: Addresses the unique challenges women face when saving for retirement

Retirement Income Strategies: Addresses the possible risks and financial challenges of retirement. Targets aged 50+