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2023 USG Well-being Success Story

2023 USG Well-being Success Story

Kimberly Griffis
Georgia Tech

Thanks to the reminders from USG Well-being, I have started bringing veggies to work to snack on. I like having them as add-ons to my lunch or for a mid-afternoon snack. My favorite go-to snack is cucumbers. I also love bell peppers and broccoli with a drizzle of Italian dressing. For fruit, blackberries and strawberries are my favorites. I love to eat apple slices with peanut butter too! One of my favorite tricks is to put frozen fruit in my water to add flavor.

I have been participating in the Livongo program and have enjoyed the lessons and working with a coach. The scale has been really helpful – I use it almost every day. I’ve just recently hit a new low weight for the first time in 15 years! I have more that I want to lose, but I am so proud of how far I have come. 

I’m not going to lie; the money motivated me at first. Extra money in my paycheck before the holidays? Who wouldn’t want that? But it’s the programs and content material that got me to stick around – I really enjoy it. The other truth is that I don’t want to have to take 30 pills a day or rely on insulin. I want to spend my money on other things! I want to be able to keep moving and stay active – it helps my joints. I want to keep healthy and happy, and USG Well-being is helping me do that.

I really like the gamification of well-being through the Virgin Pulse platform, especially the destination step challenges. There’s an endorphin kick that comes with ‘unlocking’ a new location and I enjoy reading the information and learning about new places along the way. It’s also fun to read my Daily Cards and complete Journeys – great tips to build healthy habits.

Some days are tough, and I ask myself, “would a nap help?” Sometimes you need to just give yourself a moment. Sit back and relax and then get back out there. If I’m having a craving and I want to eat junk – that’s ok! I enjoy that meal or snack and then go back to eating well the rest of the day. The main takeaway is that I’m tuning in to myself. Noticing what makes me feel good and keep reminding myself why I am choosing to be well. 

You’re not going to be perfect all the time. My advice - don’t go for 100%. It’s not an all or nothing mentality. Find your wins in each day rather than beating yourself up for what you didn’t get a chance to do. In short, 5 minutes of something is better than nothing. If you can’t find 30 minutes to be active, do 5.