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Your Library’s Web Page

A wealth of valuable information

There are two ways to find your library’s Web site:

  1. Go to your home institution's general Web site. A link to the library's Web site should be available from there.
  2. Go to your home institution's GIL catalog page. At the bottom of the catalog home page screen you'll see a link titled 'Library Information.' This link will take you directly to your home institution's library Web site.

Be sure to bookmark your library's Web site for future use.

What you'll find there

The information found on library Web sites varies. Here is a list of things you might find there:

It is especially important for distance education students to spend some time becoming familiar with the services offered. Doing so may save you time and money!

Distance Education Links

As indicated above, some libraries provide links to information specific to distance education students. Examples of what you might find:

Although it varies from library to library, here are some of the services that may be available to you as a distance student:

Charges are applied to some of these services. Check with your library to see if they provide any of these services and, if so, the charges applied.

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