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Your GIL Catalog Page

How to find it / "Your Account"

Your home institution library has two faces on the World Wide Web. The first face is its GIL catalog. The catalog of a library is where you find out what books, periodicals, government documents, audio-visual materials, maps, and other materials are in that particular library. The second face is its Web site where you can find information about hours, services and find frequently used forms. More information about what you'll find at library Web sites is available on the next page.

GIL Catalog

Your home institution's GIL catalog is accessible via the following URL (link will open in a pop-up window):

GIL []

Find your institution on the map and click on the link. The link will take you to your institution's GIL catalog. Be sure to bookmark it for future use.

'Your Account'

To access your account, click on the 'Your Account' link on the GIL home page. You will be prompted to enter your Barcode and Last Name. If you do not know what your library barcode is, contact your home library.

Once logged into 'Your Account,' you can get the GALILEO password by clicking on the 'Request' button on the top menu.

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