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The GALILEO Password

What you get and how you get it

GALILEO is an invaluable resource for distance education students. It is a doorway to a wealth of information. Through it you can potentially access over 150 databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals. Over 7000 journal titles are provided in full-text. Other resources include an encyclopedia, business directories, a collection of over 10,000 full-text books and government publications.

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Passwords are required for off-campus (remote) access. These passwords change regularly.

Contractual restrictions prohibit some databases from being made available for home or remote use. Such databases will have a red warning message next to the database's title which states 'This database is not available off campus'.

Obtaining the Current Password

Distance education students can obtain GALILEO passwords in one of the following ways.

  1. Contact your home institution library

  2. WebCT Courses
    If you are taking a WebCT course the GALILEO password may be available from your 'MyWebCT' page under 'Announcements.'

  3. GIL
    When logged into 'Your Account' in your library's GIL catalog, you can obtain the GALILEO password by clicking on the Request button on the top menu.

  4. Southern Regional Electronic Campus (SREC)
    If you are a student enrolled in a course or program in the Electronic Campus you must fill out a form to request library services. More information and the form are available at the following URL (link will open in a pop-up window):

    Electronic Campus Library Services Information

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