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Finding Periodicals

Magazines, Newspapers, Journals...

To find a periodical do a Journal Title search on the Exact Search screen. Often you will be looking for an article based on a citation you found in a periodical index.

If only one record has the title, it will display immediately. If more than one record has the same title you will get a title list.

Periodical title list

The list of titles you get retrieve may include several titles that look the same, but have different dates. The date for a periodical on the title list is the date of the first issue of the periodical — it does not indicate what issues are in the library. When titles change, publishers change, or numbering changes, a new record will be created so you may get more than one match for your search.

When you click on a title from the title list, look at the title field in the record to make sure you are viewing the record for the journal you are seeking. Sometimes you will display the record for a journal title that is related to the one you searched for. This could be a previous title, or the title of a journal that was "absorbed" by the journal you are seeking.

For example, the Mississippi Valley Historical Review changed titles to The Journal of American History. When you do a Journal Title search for Journal of American History, you will retrieve records for both.

Periodical record

The full record for a periodical looks a little bit different than the record for a book.

The dates you see in the description of the periodical in the top part of the record refer to the publishing history of the periodical. To find out what issues are available in the library you must look at the location and holdings information further down the screen.

Holdings information

Periodicals holdings information indicate the years available in the library. There are two sections:

Recent issues is a list of the issues of the journal that have not been bound or put on microfilm. They are still loose issues.

Volumes owned indicates what volumes and years of the periodical are owned by the library. Sometimes you will see an open entry. An open entry is a volume and year followed by a dash. That indicates that the library owns that year and all years after that, and has a current subscription to the periodical.

If the library has different volumes of the periodical in multiple locations, there will be a "Volumes owned" entry for each location.

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