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Course Reserves

What are they?

Course reserves are materials your instructors reserve for the class to read. These can be library books, photocopies, personal copies of items, study guides, etc.

To find out the call number of something on reserve, or to see if your instructor has put anything on reserve for your class, use the Search Course Reserves.

GIL home page > Reserves

From the drop-down menus, select either the department, course number, professor's name, or section to display what items are on reserve.

Select the item you want to check out, and write down the location information and call number. Sometimes call numbers for reserve items will look different from regular call numbers.

Take the call number to the Reserves desk in the library to get the item. Most reserve items can only be checked out for a short period of time. This is so that all of the class members have a chance to use the item.

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