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A Tour of GIL
The Home Page

Where your search gets started

Simplified version of GIL's home page

This is the GIL home page. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-size version appear in a new window.

On your institution's GIL home page, you are presented with a number of search options right away.

Detail of home page, showing search options and links across bottom of screen

What do these links mean?

Keyword Search (and GIL search the library catalog): Construct complex searches with multiple terms that can be focused on several or specific GIL record fields. Searches can be limited by date, language, format, or location.

Exact Search: Perform a search in a specific GIL field and retrieve a browse list related to your search term(s).

GIL Quick Search: Search most of the GIL record fields without access to limits.

Search Course Reserves: Search by department, instructor, course name or section to locate materials put on reserve (limited use) by class instructors.

Access my GIL account to: View due dates of items you have checked out, renew items you have checked out, view any library fines you have, and get the GALILEO password.

Links along bottom

Links along the bottom of the screen may vary depending on your library. The following links appear on most library GIL home pages

Other libraries: Click for a list of other GIL libraries, as well as other selected Georgia libraries.

Library Information: Takes you to the home page for the library whose catalog you are searching.

Help: Access the GIL help screens.


About GIL: Returns you to the main GIL page.

Some libraries have additional links that may include:

New Books List or New Titles List: A list of materials recently received in a library.

ILL Requests: Links your directly to a form for requesting materials from other libraries.

Ask-A-Librarian: Links you to a form on which you can electronically submit a question to a librarian.

Hours: Links you to the hours of operation for your library.

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