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Wise Blood is Published


Publishers provide information about their books — whether novels or scholarly nonfiction such as works of philosophy or history — in catalogs, press releases, and, these days, the Web. Authors give readings, book signings, and interviews. Reviews of novels and popular nonfiction are published in newspapers and periodicals; reviews of scholarly books are published in academic journals but rarely in newspapers.

Visual Art
A painting, sculpture, or photograph is usually exhibited with similar works. While a book review may not appear for a month or more after the book's publication, art exhibits are often reviewed quickly in newspapers and art periodicals.

Films appear at a film festival or are released to movie theaters. Actors and directors do promotional interviews and tours. Reviewers are usually allowed to see prerelease screenings of a film, so their reviews can appear in the newspaper the day the film is released.

Plays are also reviewed immediately in newspapers, often the day after opening. Some playwrights self-publish their work and sell it at the box office during the run of the play; they may later publish the play with a commercial publisher.

Poems & Short Fiction
Poems and short stories are usually published in magazines, literary periodicals, book collections, or on a Web site. They may be read on the radio. Rarely will a poem or short story be reviewed upon publication, but critiques may appear later in scholarly journal articles.

Other works of art or humanities research may follow a similar path, with characteristics unique to each field. For all arts and humanities research, time is needed to progress from the popular press to scholarly literature.

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