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Spring 2017 System Wide HealthTrails Challenge

Spring 2017 System Wide HealthTrails Challenge


The University System of Georgia will be taking part in the 6-week long competition! This is an exciting new way to compete internally through teams and externally as a whole against other colleges and universities across Georgia. The program will be designed to allow you to track the following three activities: steps walked, water consumption, and kindness. Simply set up your Fitbit or Jawbone device to the HealthTrails app and take on the virtual challenge for automatic tracking of your steps walked. The goal you set is up to you based on the minimum and maximum values listed below. Choose from exotic locations to traverse like Hawaii or Australia or more local areas here in the US.


This program will allow you to focus on tracking three healthy habits every day of this 6-week long program. All three healthy habits contribute to your total virtual mileage traveled. The amount of steps you take will automatically be tracked via your tracking device, while you will need to manually go in and update the amount of water you consume each day and the various acts of kindness you perform per day. Steps walked accounts for 60% of your total virtual miles moved, while both water consumption and acts of kindness account for the other 40% of your virtual travel. Health Trails uses a nifty algorithm to automatically account for the information collected in these three healthy behaviors.

Use the table below to see what are the minimum and maximum values you can work towards in each healthy habit per week. You are welcome to exceed the Maximum value, however, the system will only calculate up to the maximum value you enter. If you only perform at the minimum value for all three healthy behaviors, then you will successfully complete the 300 virtual mile goal set by USG for individual participants.

Each institution will have a team focused component of the competition that any full-time staff employee or faculty member can participate in. Either join as a team member or create your very own team of 4 to 10 members.

Healthy Behavior (% total) Minimum/Week Maximum/Week
Steps (60%) 6,000/day for 4 days 15,000 Steps/day for 7 days
8 Ounces of Water (20%) 5/day for 4 days 10/day for 7 days
Acts of Kindness (20%) 1/day for 5 days 2/day for 7 days


Registration: March 1 - April 3

HealthTrails Competition: March 20 - April 30



Teams can support each other to exceed the minimum 300 virtual miles per individual. Be sure that your teammates are entering not just steps, but also the other two healthy behaviors; as these other behaviors are weighed out as 40% of each teammates total mileage, which is directly affecting your team’s average virtual mileage. Doing so will ensure that your team is able to exceed past the minimum requirements.

Scoring is based on the team’s average miles/day. The more miles participants move along the trail, the greater the impact on their overall team score. By the end of the competition, your team average base goal is 300+ virtual miles which will be tracked within the HealthTrails system based on all health behaviors listed above.

Though you will have a friendly competition against your own departments internally on campus, you must also realize that you are all still a part of the same overarching team, your institution! You can win this competition against all other competing USG college and university campuses if you all join and commit to this challenge every day. Put your all in this competition and reach out to the program lead at your institution, if you need motivation or encouragement.



  1. All participants must visit


  1. Register for HealthTrails using your last name and birth year
  2. During account setup, you will be asked a series of questions

There is a possibility to qualify for a Fitbit based on your answers and review from Health Enhancement Systems and the System Benefits Wellness Program Manager for eligibility

If you qualify then you will receive an email the following Monday with registration information. The participant will have to use their university email address to login or register for a Fitbit account.

During Registration - If participants do not currently own a tracking device and have not received one from the USG Well-being program then you will qualify for a Fitbit $44 subsidy. This subsidy will be available for the first 5,000 who qualify within the USG system.


  1. Reaching 300+ Miles - If you have reached 300 or more virtual miles by the end of the competition then you will be invited to a celebration. All who complete an evaluation survey by May 12, 2017 and completes 300 virtual miles will receive an incentive award from USG.
  2. Ending Celebration - Free lunch for all who participated at your institution. If your institution is number one in the USG system then you will be presented the traveling trophy by the Chancellor at our Ending Celebration event.