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Enrollment By Class: Fall 2001

InstitutionFreshmanSophomoreJuniorSeniorGraduateProfessionalAll OtherTotal
Georgia Institute of Technology2,8702,4872,5642,9834,532 13915,575
Georgia State University4,6993,4543,8435,4616,87362978425,743
Medical College of Georgia 333292913321376162,377
University of Georgia6,0545,6986,0316,6385,9751,51340832,317
Research University Total13,62311,67212,76715,37317,7123,5181,34776,012
Georgia Southern University5,1072,8572,2212,1751,573 43814,371
Valdosta State University2,6241,5021,6252,0641,299 1169,230
Regional University Total7,7314,3593,8464,2392,872 55423,601
Albany State University1,141732468598441 763,456
Armstrong Atlantic State Univ.1,9011,0697861,015686 2905,747
Augusta State University1,986995792847702 855,407
Clayton College & State Univ.1,7811,116884841  534,675
Columbus State University1,8299697931,009897 245,521
Fort Valley State University977392356456287 172,485
Georgia College & State Univ.1,441844845936996 175,079
Georgia Southwestern State Univ.635365413486588 482,535
Kennesaw State University3,9552,5972,4383,3331,519 10913,951
North Ga. College & State Univ.1,158744735754432 403,863
Savannah State University976379365422106 222,270
Southern Polytechnic State Univ.783624632836590 913,556
State University of West Georgia3,1951,5021,2001,2831,786 649,030
State University Total21,75812,32810,70712,8169,030 93667,575
Dalton State College2,228877300176  663,647
Macon State College2,411903654395  1224,485
State College Total4,6391,780954571  1888,132
Abraham Baldwin Agric. College1,901933    232,857
Atlanta Metropolitan College1,443437    601,940
Bainbridge College1,118404    2131,735
Coastal Georgia Comm. College1,427573    2102,210
Darton College1,9871,054    1383,179
East Georgia College1,099165    1291,393
Floyd College1,711651    382,400
Gainesville College2,4161,157    1193,692
Georgia Perimeter College10,2184,612    54215,372
Gordon College2,217837    203,074
Middle Georgia College1,552589    242,165
South Georgia College715362    2481,325
Waycross College487195    202884
Two-Year College Total28,29111,969    1,96642,226
SYSTEM TOTAL76,04242,10828,27432,99929,6143,5184,991217,546

Freshman: undergraduates who have earned 0-29 college semester credit hours, including joint enrollment students.
Sophomore: undergraduates who have earned 30-59 college semester credit hours.
Junior: undergraduates who have earned 60-89 college semester credit hours.
Senior: undergraduates who have earned 90 or more college semester credit hours.
Graduate: post-baccalaureate and fully admitted graduate students in master's, education specialist, and doctoral programs.
Professional: medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, law, medical residents and interns.
All Other: non-degree seeking students, transients, and auditors.

Source: Semester Enrollment Report, Fall 2001

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