Information Digest 2000-2001
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December 2001

Dear Stakeholder:

As I review this fourteenth edition of the Information Digest, I am reminded of the remarkable changes taking place in the thirty-four public institutions in the University System of Georgia. As a result of implementing higher admissions standards over the past several years, our institutions are admitting students who have accepted the challenge and are entering with ever better academic preparation: higher SATs and GPAs and meeting full CPC requirements.

To ensure that the System fulfills its side of the bargain to deliver a quality education worthy of our hard-working students, the Board of Regents initiated a major benchmarking study this past year, comparing ourselves on a variety of issues with our peers across the country. This study confirmed our strengths, renewed hope in our emerging possibilities, and revealed in greater detail our weaknesses. It will provide invaluable direction for months and years ahead.

As always, the Information Digest is our annual document of accountability to all our constituents. It provides a wide range of comparative and historical data, which we hope will answer many of your questions about the University System of Georgia. We welcome any suggestions for future editions of the Information Digest.


Stephen R. Portch

Information Digest
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