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System Office Staff

The Chancellor is elected by and serves at the pleasure of the Board as its chief executive officer and the chief administrative officer of the University System.


Chancellor Thomas C. Meredith
Special Assistant to the Chancellor Shelley C. Nickel
Secretary to the Board Gail S. Weber
Deputy to the Senior Vice Chancellors Margaret Taylor
Senior Vice Chancellor of Academics and Fiscal Affairs Daniel E. Papp
Vice Chancellor for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs Frank A. Butler
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
and Co-Facilitator of the Georgia P-16 Initiative
Jan Kettlewell
Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs John T. Wolfe, Jr.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services Barry A. Fullerton
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/
Director of Regents' Testing
Kathleen Burk
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Distance Education & Academic Innovation Kris Biesinger
Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs William R. Bowes
Vice Chancellor for Information/Instructional Technology/CIO Randall A. Thursby
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Systems & Services Beth Brigdon
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Library & Customer Information Services Jayne Williams
Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Research and Analysis Cathie Mayes Hudson
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Planning Joseph J. Szutz
Senior Vice Chancellor of Support Services Corlis Cummings
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources William H. Wallace, Jr.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs Elizabeth E. Neely
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs (Contracts) Robyn A. Crittenden
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs (Compliance) Vacant
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs (Prevention) J. Burns Newsome
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Internal Audit Ron B. Stark
Senior Vice Chancellor of External Activities & Facilities Thomas E. Daniel
Vice Chancellor for External Affairs Vacant
Vice Chancellor for Facilities Vacant
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Design & Construction Linda M. Daniels
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Real Property & Administration Peter Hickey
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development and Economic Services Annie Hunt Burriss
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Media & Publications Arlethia Perry-Johnson

Source: Office of the Chancellor

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