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Facilities and Capital Outlay

Among the primary responsibilities of the Board of Regents is that of providing adequate facilities at the 34 institutions. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Facilities administers Board policy in this area. Title to all properties is vested in the Board of Regents. The Board may hold, purchase, lease, sell, convey, or otherwise dispose of property if deemed appropriate for efficient administration of the University System.

The Board of Regents uses the top-ranked building requests from each of the institutions to develop the priority list of new buildings to be included in the University System budget request submitted to the Governor each September. The institutions' lists of major repair and renovation (MRR) projects are used by the Office of Facilities in administering the annual appropriation to the Major Repair and Renovation Fund (MRRF), an element of the Regents' funding formula.

While the larger facilities constructed are typically financed through the sale of bonds issued by the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission (GSFIC), cash appropriations from the Georgia General Assembly are also a major source of funding for construction projects. Additional funds for construction come from outside sources (i.e., private donors and grants).


Approved in General
Assembly Session
For Fiscal
Projects MRRF
1990 FY-91 9,000,000 12,762,500
1991 FY-92 39,400,000 24,070,000
FY-92 68,000,000  
1992 FY-93 97,370,000 25,205,000
1993 FY-94 176,455,000 27,810,000
1994 FY-95 15,532,090 29,756,147
1995 FY-95 S53,310,000 36,662,323
1996 FY-97 82,295,000 38,924,444
1997 FY-98 146,298,000 41,124,444
1998 FY-99 208,385,000 46,730,826
1999 FY-99 S 165,465,903 
FY-00 937,551 50,530,286
2000 FY-00 S 148,162,000  
FY-01 1,147,208 52,106,610

(S) Supplemental

Source: Office of Vice Chancellor for Facilities

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